2017 Quotables – Week 15 Results

Banner Image from Pinterest.  What? Screw you.  And yes, he is a big ol’ meathead.

Buenos días, damas y caballeros. Your usual consigliere de Quotables has decided that you all deserve his entertainment but not his judgment. So you’re stuck with me. Boo fucking hoo. This week’s submissions here. You’ll note not all submissions have a winner this week.  As an arrogant fuck, I wasn’t impressed enough with some of the fodder. Probably the fault of the MNF match last week, which hopefully isn’t a harbinger of things to come. Regardless, WE NEED MORE QUANTITY NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE! This #CONTENT isn’t going to mine itself.

Oh, and I should say that LemonJello got screwed by the primacy effect.  His Lions joke was amazing and should have had a twofer this week, but I couldn’t shake the first one in the post. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Not unlike SchnaapsHomeyBront, I was surprised there wasn’t Thursday Night Football last night. Relieved, since I hadn’t touched my lineup for the all-important Third Place Consolation Matchup to Not Pay Next Year’s Entry Fee Bowl brought to you by Midas and/or Summer’s Eve.  But surprised nonetheless.

But keep your head on a swivel out there; Saturday football is nigh once again this week. At least no one has to play on Christmas Day, right?  Oh, there are two MNF games this week?  At least both include teams that got boned hard by officiating last week.  I’m sure WCS and RTD have gotten over it, right?  Right?  Shit, check the bourbon supply, and warn locals about broken bottles in the neighborhood.

As blax says, the gifs should be loaded now.  Kind of like the rest of you.  ZING!

/checks watch

Eh, at least one of you is probably drunk. Not judging.  I mean, definitely judging, but only your humor for now. TO THE RESULTS!

     HOW WAS THAT NOT CHRIS CONTE!!!                               -Enrico Palazzo

I just wanted the opportunity to praise the Lions for their uniforms that honor the color of local tap water.           -blaxabbath

Hello, darkness my old friend.                                                   -LemonJello

Upon further review, the official did not complete an officiating move after the flag was tossed, therefore no foul occurred.                                –ArmedandHammered

Last time I saw a Patriot player dancing over a fallen foe like that, it was after Hernandez double tapped that guy.                  –JustStopDude

Vontaze Burfict is screaming “Karma!” over and over again, but neurologists aren’t sure if its intentional or not. JuJu really scrambled his brains on that hit.                                –Redshirt

…and in the “I’m going straight to hell” non-animated submission division:

Can’t wait to see the costume about Seattle’s season going off the rails        –BrettFavresColonoscopy

Yeah.  See you all in hell.  Possibly literally in HRTN later.  PEACE!


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Who else wishes Gronk was in a different team?

Senor Weaselo

I’m gonna say “Everyone here except the resident P*ts fans.”

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

After that intent to injure cheapshot? No team.


comment image?resize=480%2C473&ssl=1

See those pink things. That mean Gronk hate boobie cancer. Gronk check you for boobie cancer, Gronk make sure boobies are safe.

Game Time Decision

Gronk not use hands to check. Use tongue

King Hippo

The Seattle train one was total genius at work. On par with R-T-D’s presidential post in lifting up this week of merde.


Hmmmmm….that’s awfully close to TGISF.
I’ve contacted my attorney. So as soon as he wakes up and gets good and hammered, you can expect a very strongly worded cease and desist letter from King Hippo.

Unless he sees a chick with great shoulders and gets distracted. But can’t really blame him for that.

King Hippo

Didja GET that thing I sent ya?

monty this seems strange to me

Gronk has a hand-dick.

comment image