The 2018-19 Jacksonville SWAGuars Preview

Ian Scott McCormick

I am the horny housewife of NFL fandom.

I’m married to a sports team. A respectable team. The kind of team you could bring home to meet your parents. I should be happy, you know? We’ve got four wonderful titles together. A rich history. A legacy franchise. My friends of other less successful teams look at me and assume that everything must be perfect. And I guess they’re right.

Things haven’t been so great of late. My team went 3-13, but I stayed by their side. I watched every game. Like I said, I’m married to the team. But I’ve got needs. And soon enough my eyes began to wander.

God damn it, I’m thirsty for the fucking pool boy.

I’m as surprised as you are.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the coolest team in the NFL. No. You’re wrong. They call them Sacksonville, but they should be called the Swaguars.

See this is pure, unadulterated cool. I understand that my fan boying for a team just isn’t the way snarky sports blogs are supposed to work. We’re supposed to fixate on the tiniest flaws of a team and scrutinize them, mining jokes until we’ve shattered the mystique we cast on these NFL teams.

Well guess what, Hyman Roth? I can’t do it. Not this time. Because the Jags are flicking cigarette butts at everybody else in the league, and it’s fucking awesome. They are the coolest team in the league, and it isn’t even close. For essentially their entire existence the Jags have been a fucking joke. Sure, better than the Browns, but at least the Browns have history they can point to. They have a dedicated fan base.  Who is the Jaguars fan base? The ones who survive SEC football on Saturday. The platonic ideal of a Jaguar fan is a hungover Gator fan who happened to successfully navigate around the sobriety checkpoints on the interstate the night before. I saw a person wearing a Jaguar jersey on the street and was legitimately shook. Have you ever seen one in real life? It doesn’t even look like a football jersey. It’s…oddly shaped.

Look, I’m not going to lie to you, I just saw the highlights. Turns out that the Jacksonville Jaguars were not slated for a ton of prime time games last season, and being about 1,000 miles out of market, they just weren’t available much. But oh, how I watched those highlights, waiting for a time when I could actually watch them. And then the playoffs came around, and we fuuuuuuuucked.

The first was a little disorganized.

But that second game, man alive

Oh my. Is there anything else that you could add to this win?

Oh. Oh Mr. Ramsey.

By now I was fully on board with the Swaguars (I will make this name happen). They’d face up against the mighty New England Patriots, who everybody had picked to win the conference. They held them to three in the first and I was fully on board with everything. They take a 14-10 lead into the half? Hell fucking yes. Expand that to 17-0. Ooooohhhh. We are going to the Super Bowl and we gonna win that bitch. Oh choke me, Daddy.

[Jacksonville begins to choke]

No. No, me, not you.

24-20 Patriots. Yet again, another team that is beating the Patriots by being unpredictable, suddenly becomes as conservative as Mike Pence at a dinner with a strange lady. Don’t worry, guys. Happens to a lot of teams. So, they did not go to the Super Bowl, and did not in fact, win that bitch. But they were a wild team, and the gang’s coming back. So let’s stop reviewing and start previewing.

Jalen Ramsey

My man. Half shut down corner, half mean girl. I could honestly just make this post a bunch of clips about Jalen Ramsey talking shit, and it would be shorter, and probably funnier.

Actually, I see no reason why I don’t just do this. It’s…a pretty fool proof way to get people onto my side here.  Just look at this

That’s next level passive aggression. Go to that 49 second mark. The reporters are falling all over themselves to get him to like him by saying “The one that Leonard trucked in the game.” C’mon, man. You’re a reporter. Don’t be so thirsty. Last year he made a few headlines by going a week without smack talk out of respect for Larry Fitzgerald, and then immediately started it up again with Doug Baldwin before their game against the Seahawks (The SWAGs won), saying he wasn’t as good as Larry Fitzgerald, to which Doug was forced to say, “Well…yeah, that’s fair.”

Earlier this summer, young baby deer Josh Allen locked his legs and took his first step…

…and the hungry Jaguar immediately broke his neck over twitter

That’s fucking rude, Ramsey. It’s accurate as fuck, and I do believe you will be picking him off when you cross paths on November 25th, but still. He’s just a kid.

It’s true, he did go to Florida State who I think we can all agree is a bit…rapey, but if it’s any consolation, the man did put his old coach on blast when they tried to use him as a recruitment to Texas A&M

This man will cut you verbally. He could go to the Met Gala and call Tom Ford “basic.”

Also he’s good at football.

A.J. Bouye

Another shut down corner who, thanks to Jalen, has the luxury of covering the other teams WR2 or WR3, he earned his first Pro Bowl appearance last season while making the 2nd Team All Pro for the first time in his career. Look at this

God I wanted him to house that

Telvin Smith

Another Pro Bowler. Here he is taunting Pittsburgh in the playoffs

Telvin made news for being one of four prominent Jags to stay in the locker room during the rendition of the National Anthem, and I say good. Compelled patriotism is a perversion. You do you, Telvin. I’m going to stick to sports and move on, but we should celebrate that he can exercise his freedom and not weaponize it.

Leonard Fournette

The definition of cool. Look at my man here, working the run way. He’s fast, he’s nimble, and he cannot wait to absolutely fuck you up. “GIVE IT TO ME, MIKE MITCHELL”

Wooooooorld Staaaaaar.

It of course, makes me nervous to see my man bringing on this kind of contact, given that running backs tend to age worse than porn stars who get paid in meth. But he was the #4 pick in the draft, and perhaps he’ll save his money.

Or…maybe not. Personally I wouldn’t spend all my money trying to impress J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys, but whatever. The cool kid who smoked and drove a motorcycle while blowing off Trig in high school probably wasn’t destined to have much of a future either. Fournette lives in the now, and if he’s fine with it, so am I.

Calais Campbell

While he opted no to play in the Pro Bowl, giving his spot to Telvin, the man was an unchained monster, recording 14.5 sacks, and recovering a fumble for a TD. He’s 31, and he probably doesn’t have a lot of time left in the game, but the man has quietly put up very respectable numbers throughout his time in Arizona and Jacksonville with 71 career sacks and 420 (the weed number) tackles.

Malik Jackson

Sure. Your QB is Blake Bortles, but why the fuck not, am I right? You do get six games against Houston, Indy, and Tennessee. I say go for it.

Yannick Ngakoue

In addition to being every hand you’ve ever held in a game of Scrabble, the dude is yet another defensive nightmare. He’s…you know what, this is getting really long and I don’t want to lose you, so let’s just establish that he’s very good and move on to everything else. No offense, Yannick. I just ran out of space and your team is stacked to the motherfucking rafters.

Everything else

First round draft pick is receiving the not at all unfair label of “Potential Future JJ Watt” which is not only a good thing to have on your roster, but an even more calculated burn on the Steelers, who naturally just assumed their own TJ Watt was going to be the next JJ Watt. FUCK NEPOTISM, Yinzers. Dante Fowler Jr probably shouldn’t have been a #3 pick out of the draft, but he still put up 8 sacks which isn’t nothing. Myles Jack could probably be a running back if this LB career doesn’t pan out. But these are minor problems because this team is winning despite employing

That’s of course not the actual Blake Bortles (He hit his intended target). No the real Blake Bortles is a 38 year old roadie for Sevendust.

A sensible team might have moved on and hired a competent quarterback, but the Jags have kept him as if they were holding up their end of a dare. Or were trying to prove something out of spite. Remember, this is a franchise whose previous highs were recorded by Mark Brunell. Don’t give the Jaguars your fancy passing analytics. They hold about as much sway as climate change study at a MAGA rally.

And then there’s the coach. I’m not going to rehash the way he was worked over by the Jets, and somehow decided to just quit a head coaching job for nothing $4MM because the Buffalo Bills are such a joke franchise. Did you know this man was once the offensive line coach for Coast Guard University? Fuck it, did you know there was a goddamn Coast Guard football team? You did not. And yet, that’s where he spent the fall of ’93. Turns out they are part of the the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference in D-III. Are you hooked yet on the NEWMACtion? I for one give them 75 woke points for not only including Women in the conference, but by still being chivalrous enough to go with a ladies first naming policy. I don’t know which teams were conference members 25 years ago, but I see today that it includes such schools as MIT, Springfield, Worchester Polytechnic Institute (names are starting to sound less and less reputable from this point forward), Catholic, Maine Maritime, and Merchant Marine. Wait, what the fuck? The Merchant Marines have a goddamn institution of higher learning? And it’s considered a service academy? The Merchant Marines aren’t even a branch of the military. At this point I would expect to see a bartending school join the ranks of the NEWMAC. I know it was only one stop on Marrone’s resume, but this is suddenly all that I want to talk about. I have to get off this train right now.

Look, here’s the deal, even in spite of their hipster ass owner, their idiot coach, their CFL caliber QB, and their state and fanbase of snake handlers, circus freaks, holocaust deniers, and sons and daughters of the Confederacy, I am very, very horny for another year of Jags football. There will be two games in the New York market, a London game, and two prime time affairs, so that’s five games I’ll get to watch, and I can’t promise I won’t head out to the bars to watch the others 11. I’m not leaving my team for them, and I’m not saying I’ll root for these guys for even three downs past their expiration date. It’s a short term fling. But I’m loving it right now.



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Ian Scott McCormick
Ian Scott McCormick
Ian is a New Yorker, a father, a husband, a sports fan. He covers a variety of subjects but really only appreciates burgers and cola.
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Damn, I hope you don’t call out the Jaguars’ name while watching a Giants game.

/Turns on vibrator

I’m going to read this again.

Fantastic job


I see this team trading for Teddy Bridgewater & going 12-4.


Bridgewater brought ‘board, beats Bortles beautifully by bombing bricks; bust, back-up or booted to Bucs?


Wow. I thought I loved my team, but damn.

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

Blake Bortles bows, begging Baphomet for better ‘backing, but breaks butt bone.


But blokes barely bother breaking from bloviating blather ’bout Bortles.

King Hippo

I loved this preview until….

hipster ass owner

I will NOT have the beautiful cartoon villain with a heart of gold (that is frisked on every team flight) besmirched like that. Shad Khan will have all preparing thine anus in both Greater and Lesser Footy for decades to come. Onward, Odd Week Jaguras!


“Swag-uars? I like it!”

[takes swig]

– Justin Blackmon

Horatio Cornblower

“The platonic ideal of a Jaguar fan is a hungover Gator fan who happened to successfully navigate around the sobriety checkpoints on the interstate the night before. ”



And we here at DFO know a thing or two about things that are platonic…


And also being hungover. Unless we’ve discovered the cure, MOAR booze first thing in the morning.

Don T

No love for Barry Church? Figures.


So, if the Giants play the Jaguars in the Super Bowl, would that be the equivalent of a threesome with your wife and mistress?


That sounds like a double homicide/suicide waiting to happen


Wouldn’t it be more like a menage a trois with your ex-wife #2 and ex-wife #1 that you remarried?


Either way, if the wrong one brings you to climax you’re getting a divorce.


They’ve been the Swaguars for years. If you don’t believe me, just ask Silky.

comment image

King Hippo

Never question the fashion vision of a man with an aquamarine-ish fedora.


I am moderately excite for this season of Jaguras fitbawl.


So, 12-4?


Yeah right! I think they’ll go 5-11.

(There I bailed you out and canceled out your death kiss. You’re welcome.)


To be fair to you, I could see Bortles shitting the bed and making the Jags go 10-6 or even 9-7


This is fucking hilarious! The scrabble line is gold; fucking coffee everywhere. Did you want Coughlin to bring in Eli?