Your “Colours Make Things Interesting – Part Two” Friday Evening Open Thread

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I started this two weeks ago.  And as promised, we will occasionally continue to bounce back to it as the weeks pass.


//deep breath

(this one is gonna hurt)

I once had a whirlwind romance with a girl who is a Mexican national.  At least I presume she still is.

She is also a veterinarian, like myself.  We met in Las Vegas at a continuing education conference.  She wanted to migrate to the US, but had family issues in Mexico which….well, never mind.  And I had family issues in the US which….well, never mind.

But I tried to get her into the US on a sponsorship with the clinic I was with at the time.  It didn’t work out.

The hard truth is that I unintentionally screwed her over.

Shit, now I’m crying.  That sucks.

We need comic relief….

Sorry, I thought that was funny.  I’m a terrible person.


If you’ve read In Search of a Goddess, or Goddess II…?  The character of Leticia is based upon a real life human type lady person.  The whirlwind romance to which I referred above, of course.

She is a wonderful human being.  Beautiful, both inside and out.  A true angel among humans if ever there was one.  Sincerely.

I won’t give you her real name nor her location, for obvious reasons.  But she deserved better from me than she got.  At the time she and I crossed paths I had my own life issues going on, as I already implied.  And so did she.  But if I’m being honest, I really let her down.  I didn’t mean to, but I did.

I wish I had been in a place in my life to have been able to give her what she deserved.  And she deserved the best.  She didn’t get it from me, I’m sad to say.

I miss her.

So in her honour, this week we’re doing Sexy Mexican Girls.

Buckle up Buttercup.

Sports Which Will Make You Want To Cross The Border 2Nite


  • NJ @ Washington – 7:00pmEST – TV: NHLN

Full Schedule


  • Philly @ Houston – 8:00pmEST – TV: ESPN
  • Denver @ Golden State – 10:30pmEST – TV:ESPN

Full Schedule

NCAA Hoops

  • Bowling Green @ (19)Buffalo – 6:00pmEST – TV: ESPNU
  • Minnesota @ (24)Maryland – 7:00pmEST – TV: FS1
  • Miami(FL) @ (15)Virginia Tech – 7:00pmEST – TV: ESPN2
  • St. Joes @ VCU – 9:00pmEST- TV: ESPN2

Full Schedule

Mexican Girls

Never a bad choice in the bunch.


Elsa Benitez, Hermosillo
Yanet Garcia, Monterrey
Laura Elizondo, Tampico
Mariana Bayón, Torreón
Camila Sodi, Mexico City
Mayrín Villanueva, Toluca
Claudia Salinas, Monterrey
Ninel Conde, Toluca
Blanca Soto, Monterrey
Anette Michel, Guadalajara
Daniela de Jesús Cosío, La Paz
Adela Noriega, Mexico City
Lorena Herrera, Mazatlán
Eiza González, Mexico City

Yeah, she’s definitely the one to finish on.


OK, one more of Eiza González first before we wrap this up…

Ooooof.  I think the wall just went up.  Nope it’s something else that went up.

(yes we really like her a really really lot)

When I Lived And Worked In Arizona

One of my employees was Mexican, and also an “illegal” as the phrasing goes.  Though I prefer “undocumented worker”.  But she paid taxes.  She helped the community.  She was a good human being.  She tried to help everyone she knew and cared about. She was a cute little woman, in her 60s, and as gay as the day is long.  But always happy and optimistic about life.

I had to pay her under the table, of course.  But she still paid taxes via her partner, who was a US citizen by then.

And for me it was worth it also because she made the best damned tamales I’ve ever tasted.  She brought them to me at the clinic every Friday.

Holy shit those things were good.

She was a good person.  She used to call me “Dr. Guapo”.  If you know your Spanish then you know how much of a compliment that is.

I loved that woman.  She helped me with my Spanish, most of which I’ve admittedly since forgotten.

I found out recently she has passed away.

Descansa en paz, Berta.  Te amo mi hermana.  



OK Let’s Wrap This Up So I Can Stop Crying, Por Favor?


Que tengáis todos un gran fin de semana.

Los amo.

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This is a pretty high up popst on Reddit right now.

LA Raiders linebacker Matt Millen punching former New England Patriots general GM Patrick Sullivan after the 1985 divisional-round playoff, where the Patriots pulled off a upset 27-20. Millen was apparently not happy with Sullivan’s trash talking of Howie Long during the game. Football

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Reading Seamus’ Nogales story reminds me of when I used to drive my mom’s pills from Canada to Palm Springs every Christmas. Luckily it was before the meth explosion of the 00’s, so no one really questioned driving south with that much Sudafed.

yeah right



A lake in Italy.


Que lastima

yeah right

Well howdy friends and neighbors!

Brick Meathook
Brick Meathook

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Apparently, Barstool’s been spending all day purging stolen jokes from its social media, but that didn’t stop the Onion from piling on. Still waiting for the day NFL Memes gets theirs.

Local Internet User Completely Unaware He A Top Content Creator For Barstool Sports

— The Onion (@TheOnion) March 8, 2019


The Onion has been hitting dingers all week.

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On the other hand, what’s with this nonsense? ‘Probably’ isn’t just extraneous but misleading.

Nation Admits It Could Probably Be Talked Into Another War

— The Onion (@TheOnion) March 7, 2019

Horatio Cornblower

Finally done with everything I needed/wanted to do before commencing the consumption of alcohol.

Tonight’s drink of choice: comment image?v=1531726681

My mother once gave me this for Xmas. Not sure what she was trying to say, but I do know she’s going to hate her nursing home.


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Winnipeg ends up dropping an Ocho on Carolina after the stream crapped out for me. That’s like one more than building 7.


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comment image


Amazon telling me my package is going to be delivered tomorrow but also that it hasn’t even been shipped yet. I KNOW YOURE LYING BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE!


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comment image

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh
Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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