AFL Beat – 2019 AFL Season Preview

AKA, So I wanna pick a team, which one should I pick?

Welcome to Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat!

The AFL season starts this week and some of you haven’t picked a team yet. I can easily understand the difficulties involved in picking a team in a sport you barely understand in a country on the other side of the globe. That’s why we have today’s post.

There are several reasons to pick a team. Here are some of them:

Peer Pressure

Do you like to go with the crowd? Do you like to watch others make horrible mistakes and learn from them so that you don’t repeat them? Then this chart is for you! Here are the teams that various DFOers have picked as their own:

AFL TeamDFO Commentist
Adelaide Crows
Brisbane Lions
Carlton BluesKing Hippo
Collingwood MagpiesJJ Fozz, Moose
Essendon BombersRikki Tikki Deadly
Fremantle DockersYeah Right
Geelong CatstWBS, Balls
Gold Coast Suns
GWS GiantsBFC, Lemonjello
Hawthorn Hawks
Melbourne Demons
North Melbourne KangaroosSunrisesunrise
Port Adelaide PowerWhyEaglesWhy, entropy
Richmond Tigers
St. Kilda SaintsLitre_cola, Dok Zymm
Sydney SwansSpanky Datass
West Coast Eagles
Western BulldogsSonofSpam

Alternatively, you may want to pick a team that no one has picked already.


Recent Results

The West Coast Eagles won last year’s Grand Final over the Collingwood Magpies. Here is how all teams finished in the 2019 Home and Away season:

And here is how last year’s finals turned out:

Also, here is last year’s final Balls Graph:

Download (PDF, 288KB)



Maybe you like a team that has been around for awhile? Take a look at this:

In that chart, you can clearly see the history of each current AFL club. One thing that is not readily apparent is that the Footscray Football Club is now the Western Bulldogs. However, their history is still shown on their guernseys as you can see the initials F.F.C. on the back:


Historical Success

Maybe you prefer a team that’s actually won premierships over the years? Check this out:



Do you like a jaunty tune with lyrics made to support your favourite team? As with everything, some are better than others. Please click on the link below to access the post I made that has every single team’s Team Song:



Within that same link above, I have links to previous previews where I provided pictures of each team’s mascot. To make life easy for you, I’m putting them all here:

Adelaide Crows – Claude “Curls” Crow
Brisbane Lions – Bernie “Gabba” Vegas
Carlton Blues – Captain Carlton
Collingwood Magpies – Jock “One-Eyed” McPie
Essendon Bombers – Moz “Skeeta” Reynolds
Fremantle Dockers – Johnny “The Doc” Docker
Geelong Cats – Slammin Sam Tomcat
Gold Coast Suns – Sunny Ray
GWS Giants – G-Man
Hawthorn Hawks – Hudson “Hawka” Knights
Melbourne Demons – Ronnie “Dee-Man”
North Melbourne Kangaroos – Barry “Bruiser” Cracker
Port Adelaide Power – Tommy “Thunda” Power
Richmond Tigers – Tiger “Stripes” Dyer
St. Kilda Saints – Trevor “Saint” Kilda
Sydney Swans – Syd “Swannie” Skilton and Cyggy
West Coast Eagles – Rick “The Rock” Eagle
Western Bulldogs – Woofer “Dogg” Whitten and Sid the bulldog.

I also suggest going back through my season previews from the previous year as I put in some other fun reasons why you might want to support each club such as famous celebrity fans and some historical data/fun facts.  Those previews for the teams are found in these links:

Carlton Blues, Brisbane Lions, Gold Coast Suns

Essendon Bombers, St. Kilda Saints, Melbourne Demons

Collingwood Magpies, GWS Giants, Geelong Cats, Port Adelaide Power

North Melbourne Kangaroos, Adelaide Crows, Western Bulldogs, Richmond Tigers

Sydney Swans, Hawthorn Hawks, West Coast Eagles, Fremantle Dockers



I’ve been talking quite a bit about how a membership to a club is an easy way to support the team and watch all the games. Here is an easy table to show you what you get for the cost of your membership, in Australian dollars, on top of watching all AFL games through the Watch AFL app:

AFL TeamCostMembership Perks/Link
Adelaide Crows155Member lanyard, pin, sticker and fixture magnet
Brisbane Lions185Card, lanyard, pin, sticker, fixture magnet and $15 Lions Shop voucher
Carlton Blues175Card, pin, lanyard, bumper sticker, fixture magnet, plus a choice of: scarf, cap, or beanie
Collingwood Magpies155Personalised scarf, bumper stickers, membership card and lanyard.
Essendon Bombers175Personalised member card, scarf, lanyard, lapel pin, bumper sticker
Fremantle Dockers150Club member entitlements
Geelong Cats190Membership card, keychain, scarf, bumper sticker
Gold Coast Suns168Card, bumper sticker, lanyard, fixture magnet, pen
GWS Giants205GIANTS Member cap, member card and lanyard and bumper sticker
Hawthorn Hawks190Loyalty Scarf or Loyalty Cap plus lanyard, sticker sheet, and fixture magnet
Melbourne Demons170Personalised membership card | bumper sticker | lanyard | fixture magnet
North Melbourne Kangaroos199Membership cap or scarf plus 10% off at Roos Shop
Port Adelaide Power16510% off online store plus member pack
Richmond Tigers185Lanyard, bumper sticker, fixture magnet, and scarf
St. Kilda Saints180Bag, lanyard, bumper stickers, fridge magnet, card, and choice of scarf or cap
Sydney Swans210Choice of cap or beanie plus tablet case and pen
West Coast Eagles180Nothing?
Western Bulldogs195Choice of scarf, beanie, or cap plus lanyard, card, and bumper sticker


2019 Outlook

Finally, you probably want to know how the teams will do this year. Who will end up Premiers? Who will end up with the Wooden Spoon?

Here is my team-by-team outlook for each team in reverse order from last year’s finish:

TeamLast Year FinishPreseson RecordThis Year Predicted Finish
Carlton Blues181-116
Gold Coast Suns171-118
St. Kilda Saints162-013
Brisbane Lions152-015
Fremantle Dockers140-214
Western Bulldogs130-217
Adelaide Crows121-17
Essendon Bombers110-212
Port Adelaide Power101-19
North Melbourne Kangaroos90-210
Geelong Cats81-16
GWS Giants71-18
Sydney Swans61-15
Melbourne Demons50-211
Hawthorn Hawks40-24
Collingwood Magpies32-02
West Coast Eagles 22-01
Richmond Tigers12-03

I expect some movement with the race for the last two finals spots coming down to the wire. I don’t think the Demons can maintain their form, so I see them dropping out of the Eight with the Adelaide Crows taking their place.

I also anticipate the 9 through 14 spots to be hotly contested and those teams to be separated by percentage and one win at the most. The Gold Coast Suns will take the Wooden Spoon from the Carlton Blues.


There you have it! Now there is no reason for you not to pick a team. Please pick one and tell us about it in the comments. Also, I apologize if I missed anyone that already has picked a team and didn’t write it in the table above. Please let me know in the comments so I can add you.


AFL Footy Tipping Contest!

Part of the fun each year is to pick the winners each week. You can compete with your fellow commentists by following this link:

and signing up. I will award a prize to the winner as long as there are more than 10 tippers. Sign up today as games start this week!


AFL Round 1

Here is this week’s schedule (all times Pacific):

Thursday, March 21, 2019

1:20 AM (Late Wednesday Night) – Carlton Blues v Richmond Tigers at the MCG

Friday, March 22, 2019

1:50 AM (Late Thursday Night) – Collingwood Magpies v Geelong Cats at the MCG

7:45 PM – Melbourne Demons v Port Adelaide Power at the MCG

10:35 PM – Adelaide Crows v Hawthorn Hawks at Adelaide Oval

Saturday, March 23, 2019

1:25 AM (Late Friday Night) – Western Bulldogs v Sydney Swans at Marvel Stadium

2:20 AM (Late Friday Night) – Brisbane Lions v West Coast Eagles at The Gabba

7:10 PM – St. Kilda Saints v Gold Coast Suns at Marvel Stadium

9:20 PM – GWS Giants v Essendon Bombers at Spotless Stadium

Sunday, March 24, 2019

12:20 AM (Late Saturday Night) – Fremantle Dockers v North Melbourne Kangaroos at Optus Stadium


See you next week for Week One of the AFL Beat!


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Low Commander of the Super Soldiers

Alright, that’s it, I’m officially throwing my fandom behind the West Coast Eagles. I’ve heard Perth compared to San Diego quite a bit in terms of weather and location (same latitude) and the colors are basically the same as the now Heretics, but apparently actually know how to win. How about that?
comment image

Just gotta change the flag and bam!

King Hippo

Hooray, Carlton gonna suck again.

And there are several mascots in this here league rapey-er than Purdue Pete.



[is immediately assumed by the alt-right to be sympathetic to their cause]


comment image

comment image

/Blood geysers erupt in time to shredding guitars and thundering femur drums


Big News!

From the article:

“He was suspended by the NFL to start the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons ….”


HEY! I made my tepid choice to some-what follow the GWS Giants at least a season or two ago…damn left coast bias in play I see.


The Gold Coast Suns will take the Wooden Spoon from the Carlton Blues.

So Robert Sarver took over the Gold Coast Suns too?

Game Time Decision

I was going to pick the West Coast Eagles as you get nothing extra with the membership, but see that they did well last year and I’m not allowed to have nice things or win, so not sure now.

And joined the tipping thing again. Look forward to claiming the spoon again.


Ok, I’ll take Western Bulldogs. They have a very good mascot, they apparently suck, and no one else has ’em. That’ll do.

yeah right

For the undecided, please realize that being a Fremantle fan has exactly the same level of satisfaction as being a Vikings fan.

I joined the tipping thing you degenerates.


I think the Dockers kill fewer birds.


I look forward to Lady BFC continuing to think it’s ridiculous that I stay up late or get up early to watch this sport on the other side of the globe.

Game Time Decision

I look forward to Lady BFC continuing to think it’s ridiculous that I stay up late or get up early to watch this sports on the other side of the globe.