Wednesday Motivational – Small Differences

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To be great in this world?  To rise up and make a difference?

You don’t have to start a revolution.  You don’t even have to convince others to follow you.  That will come anyway when people recognize your efforts and that you have a modicum of generosity of spirit in your being.

The difference you make might not make headlines on the news.  But it will be noticed.  Noticed by the people whom you have impacted.  People whose lives you have impacted.  Some of them might not even be capable of thanking you for it for one reason or another.

But that’s OK.  You know you did a good.  So now go do some more.

Follow yourself.  That’s all you have to do.  Be true to who you are and what you do stand for.  Make a difference in others’ lives where you can.

But mostly, be true to you.  Have confidence in the path you walk.  And you must constantly think about that path.  And when appropriate, change that path when necessary.  It happens.

To make a difference, you don’t have to be the one who discovers a cure for cancer.

Just comforting and/or giving emotional support to one cancer patient makes a huge difference.  For that patient.  For that person, it’s a huge thing.

That’s just an example.  Hopefully it makes sense.

Small differences.  If everyone was willing to take them on, then big differences could be accomplished by all of us together.

If we had a world full of great people doing small things for themselves and for one another?  Of course we’d still have some shitty problems.

But not nearly as many, I think.

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I need discipline, not motivation. Mostly to fight off the increased noise wanting to snack when I’m really concerned about my weight and trying to diet. But I’m half-assing it. And everything else. But I’m working on it.


My ear aches. Pretty sure there is no cure for it and I will die sad and alone. Maybe. Could be a very bad and deep zit inside the ear. Maybe. It hurts to move my jaw.

Tell my family I love them.


If it affects your hearing, yes.


I’m reading a book about deafness and hearing loss called Volume Control. It seems interesting so far. But it reminds me I need to start wearing my hearing aid again.

(I’m super fucked up in every way)


Also – avoid Twitter.

The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

Is it bad that I read these for the tWBS part and don’t even click on the youtubeness?


Based on Joe Pesci, I believe it’s pronounced Yooz-toobs.

The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

“Be better than you were yesterday.”

Right. Today’s the day I’m quitting bathsalts.


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