Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Sweet and Spicy Thai Style Chicken Wings

yeah right

Good morning everyone!

Hope everybody remains healthy and masked up out there.

Here’s a little tidbit for you: the NFL season is supposed to start in just a little over 5 weeks.

Holy shit.

That happened fast. I say “supposed” to start for obvious reasons.

I hope I’m not being overly pessimistic about this but I’m having a hard time envisioning the season playing out as currently outlined. Shit is too out of control out there.

Take a look at what’s going on with baseball and that should be a good indicator if this season will reach a conclusion uninterrupted.

By the way? The Miami Marlins need to be fucking contracted for deciding as a team to play a baseball game against the Phillies when they KNEW they had infected players.

Anyway, with the approaching NFL season you have a lot of action coming up on our little corner of the internet here at [DFO]. We will have our NFL team previews – one for every team! – written by our usual gang of idiots. We will also have some season predictions and of course you have our world famous gameday open threads, complete with Scotchys’ Hobo Killin’ Time!

See! Reasons for optimism in a fully fucked up world.

As we get closer to the season kick-off I like to start giving out some possible game day food ideas that are football friendly and reasonably easy to prepare in case you want to try one of these recipes for an NFL game day.

Last week you may remember that we did “grilled gochujang ribs”

which absolutely qualifies as a possible game day menu item.

I consider a dish “game day” worthy if it’s fairly simple in preparation which allows you to keep an eye on the game, also if it can even be prepped in advance and brought to a tailgate party to finish.

Remember tailgating?


It’s this thing where a bunch of fans get together and cook and drink?


Goddamn pandemic.

Another reason why I brought up last weeks’ dish is because of its flavor profile and ethnic flavor influence. That shit was so fucking delicious that I couldn’t get it out of my head. The combination of lime, garlic, scallions, ginger and the heat from the sauces? Fucking delightful.

I think I was still eating some of those ribs when I started thinking about other types of protein that would benefit from a little Asian influence.

My brain went DIRECTLY to chicken wings.

All y’all regular readers know of my affinity for the wing. Shit man, I’m not even linking to all of the previous wing recipes, just use that handy search mode up there on the top of the page if you want to browse my wing recipe collection.

Now there’s one flavor we haven’t done before that may actually be one of the best recipes yet.

Sweet and Spicy Thai Style Wings!

Got your attention didn’t it?

Not only insanely delicious but ridiculously simple and as game day friendly as possible.

These could easily be pre-cooked, transported to a gathering and then finished on the grill or you can just cook them in the oven at home.

You’re gonna love this shit.

Let’s get after this bastard.

Sweet and Spicy Thai Style Wings!

A couple of pounds of chicken wings

3/4 cup of Sweet and Spicy Thai Sauce

3 large tablespoons of chili garlic paste

2 tablespoons of soy sauce.

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

5 scallions chopped plus 2 more scallions minced – for garnish

6 cloves of garlic chopped

Juice of 1 lime

(1) 2″ piece of ginger chopped and sliced.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Recommended equipment:

Yep, one of those disposable pans again. Trust me.

Todays preparation is going to be all oven cooking. You could very easily do the pre-cook in the oven and do the final “sauced” step on the grill and it would be incredible.

I was just being lazy today.

First thing to do is put on your PPE and head down to the grocery and procure your ass some wings.

Hey now.

It’s going to be important to let the wings get to room temperature and then get ’em in the oven. Creates a more consistent cook for each wing.

Some of these next steps will look eerily familiar to you if you read the gochujang rib recipe. Like I said, shit got stuck in my head.

We are once again going to be mincing the garlic, ginger, scallions and lime juice together as the base for the sauce.

Here they are now!

Since we will be pulsing these together in a food processor there isn’t any need to stress too hard over mincing them first.

First noticeable data point when comparing to last weeks rib recipe: there is A LOT more garlic in this recipe. A fuckload more. We want the garlic to be front and center and smacking the bejesus out of your tongue with each bite.

Peel and slice the ginger kind of thin. Ginger is the more firm of the components and it will blend easier this way.

Like that! That’s real nice right there.

Break out your handy-goddamn-dandy food processor and get the garlic, ginger, scallions and lime juice in there.

Then we will blend up.

This will only require a couple of pulses. You will get a serious olfactory assault when you take the lid off of the food processor. Ginger and lime notes and THERE IT IS! Garlic dammit!

Now let’s get our sauces to the party.

Most of you should be familiar with this baby.

That’s chili garlic sauce from Huy Fong foods which is located right here in Southern California. Yes, this is the same company that makes sriracha.

You eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I don’t use sriracha much in my recipe collection.

Like fucking ever.

I’m fine with sriracha and harbor no grudges against its use. It just feels like it’s been over-saturated at this point. Every goddamn recipe on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives uses sriracha and honestly it feels kind of lazy.

Make your own damn sauce instead of using the same shit everybody else is currently using. Or use that chili garlic sauce above instead. Another option would be sambal oelek. Same basic shit without the name caché of sriracha.

It will greatly eliminate the “poseur” potential when discussing the preparation of your wings.

Our next sauce may look exotic at first but I bet you can easily find this in your ethnic “Asian” food section of your regular old grocery store.

That’s our sweet Thai chili sauce. Combine the 2 chili sauces together and mix.

Now add in the sesame oil and the minced ginger, garlic, scallion, lime concoction and mix it up well.

Oh baby look at all of that garlic!

Now its time to assemble.

Preheat your oven to 365 degrees. Yes three SIXTY five.

Take your disposable aluminum pan and place it on top of a much sturdier baking sheet. Flimsy fucking thing, remember? Lube that pan up well with some oil. Any type of vegetable oil will do.

Now get your chicken in there.

Yes there are also 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts in that pan. That’s cuz one of todays meal consumers doesn’t like eating chicken off the bone for some damn reason.

I actually thought this was a singularly odd food fetish to have but as it turns out it’s not that uncommon at all.

The hell happened to us, man? We used to be a more adventurous species.

Anyway, season the chicken – both sides – with salt and pepper and into the preheated oven they go.

The cooking process goes like this: 15 minutes and flip. Fifteen minutes and flip. Sauce all over. Fifteen minutes to finish.

Here they are after the first flip

And here’s where we stand after the 2nd flip right before saucing.

Looking kinda pale ain’t they?

Well, let’s sauce those fuckers up.

Do a bunch of mixing and stirring here. We want each piece to be fully coated and garlic saturated.

Finally we get ’em out of the oven after the last 15 minutes of cooking time.


For service mince up those other 2 scallions. Fine mince here. Definitely for presentation but it also adds a nice oniony burst to the wings.

Grab a plate, get some wings on there, scatter some scallions on top.

Go to fucking town!

I’m not going to give you any side dish recommendations or full menu ideas because sometimes you just need a big ass plate of wings and a shit ton of beers.

We’ve got this little mom and pop owned pizza place right around the corner and they make a really kickass plate of seasoned fries so we grabbed a couple of orders of those to serve alongside.

I never once said we were eating healthy today. Trust me, if we’re cooking healthy you will know from the goddamn get-go.

Grab an entire roll of paper towels and dive in face first.

All of the words in the title of the recipe are there. Sweet? Check! Spicy? Shit yes. But you already know what’s taking all of the food glory. Damn right it’s the garlic. The punch of the fresh garlic is all over this plate of wings. Soo fucking good and sooo fucking perfect with many many cold frosty beverages.

This is about as easy a recipe as I’ll give you and when you compare ease of preparation with overall taste satisfaction?

This baby is a goddamn winner.

As always, thanks for spending some time with Sunday Gravy. You folks are my weekly inspiration for this feature.

Be safe. Be well. Be smart. Wear a goddamn mask and wash your filthy hands you heathens!

Take care.


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Your gochujang ribs were the inspiration for the best thing I’ve cooked during this pandemic.

And I’d still have rather picked up leftovers from your house.


I think King of Dunair is really funny and I don’t understand it.


Other Perennial Piece Of Shit Brad Marchand


Never forget
comment image


Kevin Hayes stops a break with a sliding tackle. we love to see it


Scott Laughton Cross-check Nordstrom In The Face Challenge


Another shorthanded goal!


Really hoping Couturier gets his Selke this year. As it usually goes, this would probably be the year he shouldn’t actually get it but does.


last funny:

If he fights TikTok as successfully as he fought Covid, you’ll find it running on your toaster in six weeks with no way to uninstall it.


Chinese Spy: The one that calls himself Balls likes brioche. Repeat: brioche. Add that to the file.
Other Chinese Spy: So Butts and Brioche? Got it!


“My mother wants me to have a grandchild but not with another woman.”

-G. Shandling

Holy Fuck!


Can someone diagram this for me? I don’t get it.


Should’ve just had one “opening ceremony anthem” at each hockey location, then we could skip them for each and every game. Would save tens of dollars on singer appearance fees too.


Hope one of these videos has an angry spouse pounding on the bedroom wall to shut the fuck up




The National Anthem Live From Some Dude’s Bathroom


Japan seems like it would be neat to live in sometimes
comment image


comment image?noredirect


More like FOOLadelphia and BOO-URNSton amirite


Best two teams in the league at the shutdown about to play a round robin game. They played last against eachother the day before the shutdown where Boston stomped the fuck out of Philly. Now, I’m just hoping Rask isn’t going to give both teams the Rona.


Lucky goal at the end of the period


Stadium PA operators really respecting Arizona’s three goal lead by playing dead silence in the arena, making the Coyotes feel right at home.


Arizona eliminating the Predators would be quite fun. I know it’s only the first game, but this is a beatdown in the first period.


Several weeks ago, in the comment section of another website, I read about a DJ who was being filmed during his set. The crowd in the club was maskless and not social distancing at all. Several players from a MLB club were clearly spotted in the crowd. The name of the club was redacted from the comment/tweet, so I took the report with a grain of salt. I guess we now know which team these fucking balloon heads play for. Yeah right is…well…right. The Marlins should be contracted directly into the goddamn sun.


I’m sort of surprised there isn’t an actual crime involved in what they did.


I’m actually surprised the franchises don’t have a deal to peg the lost revenue on offending players.

NFL won’t make that same oversight.


Houston: “Ready to go home?”
Astronauts: “Nah, we’re good for another year or so. Just send up food, water and oxygen.”


Oh, good. Joey Votto is on the 10-day IL for an undisclosed reason that FoxSportsOhio said they can’t say why due to HIPPA reasons.

Eight months in and 2020 hasn’t lost any of its momentum.


I’ve never understood how HIPPA played in with injury announcements. I always figured it was some kind of negotiated out matter with the unions where anything keeping you out is listed but there is also a standard classification system for, ahem, “sensitive” health issues (“Genital Watts” is “Unspecified Illness”).

I can’t recall ever hearing HIPPA brought up on injury stuff.


The only thing Arizona and Nashville should be squaring off in is a Most Disgusting Climate competition.


Nashville wins. At least Arizona is a dry heat.


You gotta watch out for the Sherrifs, though


Don’t sleep on Cincinnati. We’ve had Tornado Warnings, an Ice Storm and a Blizzard in the same day.

Last edited 14 hours ago by Redshirt

What is the opposite of a
Spelling Bee?


“God, I wish I could come back as a dog. At least I wouldn’t be licking my balls as much”.

-Garry Shandling

Last edited 14 hours ago by scotchnaut

…and Mother Nature allows MLB’s first Sesquipleheader to begin.


Hot wings always remind me of the band Trooper.

That probably requires an explanation. In the early 90s, Trooper was enough past its peak that they were playing bars again, and when they came through my college town, we got tickets and showed up early.

I was used to the wings in my hometown, where even “extra hot” was just slightly spicy to my taste, so we got the suicide or whatever they were called. They were just on the edge of what I could stand, but very very tasty, so of course I ate my share and my friend’s (who wimped out). But I needed so much beer to wash them down and keep putting out the fire that by the time Trooper took the stage I was very wasted.

I don’t think I was the only one — I’m pretty sure the lead singer was, too, and I swear he forgot the lyrics at some point. Anyway, by the end of the night, I believe I was raising a little hell of my own on the dance floor, drinking straight out of a pitcher, which amazingly did not get me in any trouble with security. At some point I was hitting on a woman with some apparent success until she mentioned that she was a single mother.

Anyway, hot wings, beer, and Trooper are three of my favorite things.

Mr. Ayo

You could have made her a proud single mother of two.


I may have been young and dumb, but I was never THAT young and dumb.


Trooper coming to town 3 or 4 years after their last hit was a big, big fucking deal in my town.


Twbss was a yuge Trooper fan.


Here’s a song that hasn’t aged well. (if it needed aging at all)

King Hippo

When we get rotisserie chicken, I 100% have to cut Claire’s portion off the bones.

But she can and does eat wings. Strange but true.


I resumed my pasta-making adventures last night. I made chicken and mushroom ravioli, in a pumpkin seed pesto sauce. Of course, I made too much filling, and still have leftover chicken, so I need to either make another batch today or else put it in a marinara sauce or something. These are the kinds of problems I like to have.


Maybe cannelloni?


Yeah, that or lasagna would involve less futzing around with the pasta cutter, etc.

Game Time Decision

Like you’re not just going to eat it right out the bowl
/not judging as its what I would do


To be honest, the filling is not my best effort. It’s a little bland, so it needs a sauce to make it work.


/re-watching The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling

Relating hard to the ‘obsessed with work and self-doubt’ angle of the doc.


The Larry Sanders Show. Its brilliance is beyond compare.

King Hippo

Fuck and YES it was.


If you eat meat and can’t eat it off the bone, you might as well become a vegan.


My friend’s wife is one of these people. She won’t eat beef or pork or lamb. Poultry is ok, but it must be boneless. Fish is also ok, but must be in fillet form, Billy Idol help you if you were to try to serve a whole roasted branzino or something.

It makes no sense to me, but I try not to inquire into the “reasoning” lest I push her into full-on veganism, which would make my friend’s life a lot harder.


Actually, I suppose I do understand the “reason” — she wants to pretend that what she’s eating didn’t come from an animal, and bones or a fish head or whatever dispells the illusion that this is some magical kind of plant.


What kind of dipping item would go with these wings?




Mr. Ayo



The kid that escaped who the Milwaukee PD handed back over to Jeffrey Dahmer was Thai. I wonder if he was sweet and/or spicy.

Mr. Ayo

My pastime is eating sweet and spicy Thais.


comment image


*Marlon Brando reaches for the butter…

Game Time Decision

Making bread today


A full day with the inlaws. At least there will be wine as I bought dad in law a case from my local wine peddler.

So prior to that. Engage edibles.


In case you were wondering sometime in the last hour “Wilford Brimley must be dead by now, right?” you would be correct.


I just said that to Mrs Cola. “Jesus I thought the diabetus got him long ago.”


I’m gonna have a shot of insulin to keep my Wilford Brimley’s Disease in check.


“I’m fine with sriracha and harbor no grudges against its use. It just feels like it’s been over-saturated at this point. Every goddamn recipe on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives uses sriracha and honestly it feels kind of lazy.“

I so strongly agree with this.

comment image

Last edited 18 hours ago by blaxabbath
monty this seems strange to me

Sunday Gravy is my church.


Eating Asian wings is the closest to Christ any Evangelical will ever get.


Hallelujah and AMEN!

Don T

Will make this. Maybe fried; gotta keep good cholesterol humble.



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