2019 Quotables – Pro Bowl (Results)

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A solid 2019 to all. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Submissions are here and your Pro Bowl Week Quotables results are below.

“‘To win just remember the five D’s of dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and… Dodge.’ -Patches O’Houlihan” -Game Time Decision

“Fantasy Access Whore Camp” -The Right Reverend Electric Mayhem

“’My God! If I ever got hit that hard, I’d remember that for the rest of my life!’ – Brian Moorman” -Redshirt

“Cheers to me making Bill Polian feel smart” -Enrico Pallazzo

“The rare D Lineman celly that doesn’t lead to an injury.” -Game Time Decision

“Look, I told you we would need a two handed maul to drive a stake through Dad’s heart.” -ArmedandHammered


I sat on a jury years ago, 2nd degree attempted murder case. One day the defendant wore sneakers with his suit to court. It was that day I knew he was guilty.
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Blax must have got wise to all that counterfeit Canadian Tire money I’d been sending each week…

Game Time Decision

Wow. Thanks Blax. Cheque’s in the mail