Your Football Team’s Fans through Googles Lens – AFC Edition

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Simple experiment: Google images the term “Team Name” Fans and list all the categories that come up.



1. Like
2. Sad
3. Female
4. Ravens
5. Saints
6. Steelers

We are one team into this and already we are referencing other teams because no one really looks up the term “Bengals Fans” that often.


1. Tailgate
2. Sad
3. Snow
4. Deadspin
5. Like
6. Vile Creatures

Deadspin coming up at number 4 is due to Deadspin having a Bills fan column. Number Six is basically all those other “sports blogs”: that swoop in and reskin NFL Memes Deadspin articles as their own.


1. Like
2. Like Im a Horse
3. Sad
4. Super Bowl
5. Vs. Raiders
6. Crying

Number one is pretty much a series of pictures devoted to Homer Simpson emerging from, then disappearing into, and reemerging from the bushes a la “Homer Loves Ned”. “Like I’m a horse” is pretty much just the same picture used over and over again.



1. Sad
2. Dog Pound
3. Like
4. Throw Bottles
5. Crying
6. Angry

It is fitting that all words associated with Browns fans are pretty much negative in connotation. I am disappointed in that “Factory of Sadness” has not yet crept into the mainstream. So pretty much the Browns found another way to fail.


1. Like
2. Vs. Raiders
3. Crying
4. Tailgating
5. Like Kevin Hart
6. Players

Just like how the Broncos have a category completely based on a meme the Chargers have one devoted to Kevin Hart making dumb faces.


1. Like
2. Sad
3. Paper Bag
4. Buccaneers
5. Redskins
6. Stadium

Even Chief fans don’t want to be associated with the team. Otto Man is still too busy running for president to respond.


1. Be Like
2. Cheering
3. Worst
4. Crying
5. Girl
6. Super

No, that is not Colts being too dumb to finish Super Bowl. It is a photo collage of this man.

Colts Super


1. Like
2. Lions
3. Panthers
4. Saints
5. Patriots
6. Browns

It is sad how the Dolphins get the typical “Meme” answer in the number one spot and then fill out the rest with other horrible and desperate teams.


1. Sad
2. 2014
3. Like
4. Bags
5. Buccaneers
6. Panthers

I like to think of these rankings as the typical life cycle of a Jaguar fans. I am sad about my team, Holy shit, look what happened in 2014. I used to like this team? Better put on the bags. Screw it, I am better off rooting for the Buccs fan. (looks at team record) Err, I mean the Panthers, Yeah I am  Panthers fan now.


1. Sad
2. Like
3. Vs. Giants
4. Angry
5. Tailgating
6. 2015

Jets are just as sad and angry as Browns fans but with a better tailgating experience.


1. Be Like
2. Body Paint (NSFW)
3. Crying
4. Worst
5. Super Bowl
6. Sad

F@#$ the Patriots


1. Like
2. Thugs
3. Sad
4. Fight
5. Mexican
6. Vs Chargers

Ah the Raiders. Your fans and their opponents fear of them will drive your team to either play twice a week, once for the regular fans and once for the white people (think Kanye concerts) or just pack up and get shipped to LA to be fully gentrified. It’s funny because it’s true. Sorry Raiders fans, your team owner doesn’t care about you and he really wants new shinier fans.


1. Like
2. vs. Steelers
3. Cheering
4. Sad
5. Redskins
6. Steelers

What is the difference between a vegan and Ravens fan? One will take up your day talking about how it is a lifestyle not a choice and the other doesn’t consume animal products.


1. Like
2. Sad
3. Terrible Towel
4. Worst
5. Crying

How sad is it that people aren’t even googling about the Iron Curtain these days. Remember when the Steelers would instill fear into people. Like they dreaded playing against them. Just another thing that changed the day The Ben fell off his motorcycle, bumped his head and woke up a rapist.

Edit: it was the Steel Curtain. I know this. Does anyone have any Beano? My brain is farting like a Colts fan.


1. Like
2. vs. Cowboys
3. Female
4. Titans
5. Jaguars
6. Saints

Once again the only reason why the Texans exist is so people in Texas who hate the Cowboys can still watch football on Sunday.


1. Like
2. Saints
3. Jaguars
4. Buccaneers
5. Raiders
6. Rams

Not even google can find Titans fans. They must not exist.

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Spanky Datass

I hope all the Commentists support Otto Man’s campaign by buying t-shirts.

King Hippo

I don’t think I much want to get in touch with my fanbase’s cosplay subculture ,, no ofence.


Just embrace it. I have.


Me too. It’s too bad Aaron Rodgers is not our QB…


How sad is it that people aren’t even googling about the Iron Curtain these days…

I know a lot of people who look up the Iron Curtain these days, because I work with a lot of Cold War history faculty.

Sill Bimmons

What an ironic juxtaposition.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh