Your “There’s No Place Like Home” Friday Evening Open Thread

As with many communities across the country, my locale has instituted martial law beginning 2 hours ago.  Well, martial law might be an overstatement I suppose, but not by much.  But according to them I'm not allowed to go anywhere.  And I could be fined and/or jailed if I'm not

Your “Isn’t Autumn Wonderful?” Friday Evening Open Thread

Well, it IS Autumn in Australia.  One of the only nations which still has enough cojones to still play sports.  Don't get me wrong though.  They're taking precautions. But they're playing.  At least so far. As most of you know I've been filling in foar the lovely and talented Balls Of Steel

Your “Jeebus It’s Friday The 13th Again?!?!?” Friday Evening Open Thread

See, this wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the stupid leap year thing.  Criminy. I've got a lot to say.  But I'm not gonna. Leap year can go suck my nuts. As can Covid-19. I'm not dead.  I have food.  And water.  I just put some plants in the ground.  I have shotgun

Your “tWBS Depresses You Again And Then Saves It By Posting Photos Of Partially Nekkid Wimminz” Friday Evening Open Thread

I'm in a really bad mood.  Fair warning for what you are about to read.  Close your browser now if you don't have the stomach for it. - I love women.  I mean not like that.  Well not ONLY like that.  I mean....  NO YOU SHUT UP. What I'm about to type out? 

Your “The Space-Time Continuum Is Annoying” Friday Evening Open Thread

Seriously, it really is.  And I'm gonna tell you why. Well, it's the last weekend of February already.  Can you believe that?  I can't.  Even still, however, it should be the last DAY of February today, but we arbitrarily add a 29th day every four years, which comes tomorrow of course. 3

Your “Dark Necessities” Friday Evening Open Thread

This week might not be everyone's cup o' tea.  I know this.  Frankly, it's not mine.  At least not usually.  Usually I prefer the laid back easy going types. But every now and again, however, I do get a bit curious and have a look at the genre. Alt Models, they're called. 

Your “A Very Special Valentine’s Day” Friday Evening Open Thread

Last week I promised you fine folks a funny story about Valentine's Day.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized it wasn't so much a funny story as it was a rather sad and depressing story.  And if you read my dumbass series on relationships this

Your “Singing The Blues” Friday Evening Open Thread

If you'll recall, last week we did a theme on "Red" in honour of the Superb Owl participants, and also hate week. This week, everyone seems to still be sad and hungover with no moar fitbawl to look forward to.  So this week we're doing "Blue". And since I don't have much

Your “Revving It Into The Red” Friday Evening Open Thread

Just A Little Moar Hate According to multiple sports news outlets, Superb Owl LIV (Tyler) is the first Superb Owl in which both teams' primary color is red.  Now, I don't know if this is actually true.  I presume they have a crack team of assholes to research this.  And it

Your “Was I Snoring Too Loud?” Friday Evening Open Thread

This week's theme is a suggestion by some person who may or may not be known by the moniker of Rikki-Tikki-Deadly. You can't prove anything!!!!!!! Frankly, when the suggestion was made, I was ashamed of myself that I hadn't already thought of it myself.  Honestly. IMHO there are very few things that are

Your “Stand Tall” Friday Evening Open Thread

Normally I am more attracted to petite girls.  But every now and again I find myself looking slightly upwards and thinking... yeah ok, fine by me.  Let's do this. Never happens, though.  Most tall girls don't like it when they're taller than their date.  Trust me. Meh, you can't have everything.  Climbing