Sexy Friday, What Do You Mean You Want To Try Something New? Edition

Recently, I discovered that one of our very own commentists has a hidden talent for finding pictures of hot chicks on the Internet. No, it's not Moose or Unsurprised or Spur or even Brocky! It's Joliet Jake Delhomme! His recent posts on the open threads have inspired me and

Sexy Friday, Belated Mexican Independence Day edition

So, last week was Mexican Independence Day. In previous years, this would mean tons of people going to bars in Los Angeles and a lot of people taking off on vacation to visit family in México and partake in festivities there. Obviously, that didn't happen this year. Well, let me rephrase

Sexy Friday, you know what day it is today edition

So, today is September 11 and we all know what happened on that day. No need to discuss further. Instead, we are going to focus on hot and sexy soccer girls and figure out if you can spot the hidden theme. To make it more interesting, I challenge everyone to identify

Sexy Friday, end of August 2020 edition

This week I am continuing to feature sassy n sexy soccer ladies! Can you spot the hidden theme? It's not just that these are all fútbol fans. There's a little more to it than that. I'll also be continuing to showcase awesome songs except this time there is a twist. Let's get right

Sexy Friday, what day is it today? edition

It's not often that special days like wedding anniversaries, first date anniversaries, and anniversaries of the first time you had anal sex with your significant other (Your analversary, if you will) fall on a weekend . Let alone Sexy Friday! Therefore, this week I am celebrating a special day in

Sexy Friday, It’s August 2020! edition

We are back and Tik Tok has not been shut down yet! For now. Anyway, how has everyone been? Didya enjoy the AFL Sexy Friday? /crickets Oh hush. Ok, let's get right to it. *** Today, I will be showing you Tik Tok girls that have something in common, but I won't tell

Sexy Friday, last Friday in July 2020 edition

I know that beerguyrob does an awesome job of getting information for you guys on what's on the TV that you can watch. I usually don't bother with that because: I'm lazyYeah, that's pretty much it. Given the fact that sports are now back in action, that doesn't seem

Sexy Friday, the real Mid-July 2020 edition

This week has been a real scorcher temperature-wise with hot temps all over the southern United States. Sexy Friday, as always, is bringing you more heat in the form of hot Tik Tok girls to keep you sweating through the weekend. More on that a little later. Now, what do we

Sexy Friday, last one in June 2020 edition

Do you guys read our author bios? They're at the bottom of each post and they're meant to tell you a little bit about the writers and how they get their inspiration. My favourite is Beastmode Ate My Baby's bio. It reads as follows: A frequent guest-star on the award-winning