Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Maximum Carnage!

Good morning everyone. Hope you're all staying safe and keeping others safe by doing your part with masks, distancing and being sanitary. I also really hope that this whole Sunday Gravy thing gives you at least a little something to look forward to in these bizarre times. Since there sure as fuck

Sunday Gravy with yeah right and DJ TAJ: A Joint Effort for a Pulled Pork Sandwich

DJ TAj will start our proceedings today Welcome to week 8 or is it 9? in the Covid cave, Christ does it even matter? Personnel hygiene has become optional and I've been wearing the same pair of underwear for eleven days ( I wonder what the record is?) the constant stench

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: It’s Been Broughten! Mother Sauce 2.0, Fresh Pasta and Homemade Bread

Good morning fellow shut-ins. It's great to see you back. The past week showed some actual first signs of positivity since our current life situation was enacted 2 months ago. For me it can be the little things. I've finally been able to consistently find and purchase my favorite variety of apple (Honeycrisp),

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: I Repeat Myself When I’m Distressed. I repeat Myself When I’m Distressed. I Repeat…

Good morning everybody! I truly hope everyone is still doing their part by staying safe, staying home and staying well. Trust me when I say it's a hell of a lot easier to just stay at home rather than going out in this shit. In fact, I'm going to change things up

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: When Life Gives you Beans and Bacon

Good morning Gen Pop! Welcome back. Hope everybody is staying strong and keeping healthy. Not sure if it's the same everywhere but my little community of El Segundo has decided to use this lock down as an opportunity to get in shape. While fantastic on the surface it's turned into a goddamn obstacle

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Easter on Lock Down

Good morning everybody! Hope everyone is maintaining sanity and social distance. We've got to keep pushing on, it's our only option. I was mentioning the other day that I spend hours each day reading about our current world situation, not because I'm forced to but because I seek it out. When trying

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: We’ve got the time to make it from Scratch.

Good morning everyone. For you poor folks who can't leave your house let this be a reminder that today is Sunday! Goddamn, how can you even tell what day it is if you can't leave the house? Again, I feel fortunate to be working AT work but then again it's scary as

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: The Dessert Special! Key (?) Lime Pie.

Editors note: during each season of Sunday Gravy the author will "stash" or pre-write an episode or two since events happen, shit gets in the way and life intervenes. This is one of those episodes. Obviously with its upbeat or Pollyannaish nature it was written just prior to the events

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Some butter, flour and milk? We got this.

Good morning shut-ins! How is everybody holding up? I had a Monday off a couple of weeks ago right as this shit started and to be honest? After three days of staying in the house I was ready to flip my shit. I know that I'm extremely fortunate with my work situation. Not

Sunday gravy with yeah right: St Patrick’s Day for The End of Days

Good morning everyone. Welcome back to Sunday Gravy where despite the fact that the world has gone fucking insane, we soldier right the fuck along! Nothing can stop that Gravy Train! I'm going to try and keep you entertained and hopefully bring a tiny bit of light to our confusing-ass times. Not to

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: I’m hungry, let’s make a taco.

Good morning fellow quarantiners! Hope everyone is still feeling healthy and relatively disease free. As we muddle through our virus induced madness it's important to remember that it's safer if you cook your own food. Always tastier too. And since there are no sports of any kind right now, another thing