Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chile Verde 2.0!

Before we start I want to take a moment to be very serious. Today is the first anniversary of the first COVID-19 casualty in the U.S. Over 500,000 souls in this country have been lost since. That just makes me want to fucking cry.  Again. I found this out a few days after writing

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Now what to serve with that lovely bread?

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is well and good and all. There was an informal poll in the DFO clubhouse the other day about vaccines and a surprising number of our crew have been vaccinated. Good for them! My state is STILL vaccinating healthcare workers and those over 65. Don't get me wrong, I'm

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Season Premier! Cochinita Pibil!

Well, well, well Gravy Heads! Welcome back! I trust everyone is doing well and hopefully remaining virus free. It's been a little while since we got together here and lord knows plenty of shit can go down in that type of timeframe. Me? Absolutely COVID fucking free. Do I still wear a mask? Nope. I WEAR

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Season Finale! A Taco truck on Every Corner!

Hola DFO! Hope everybody is doing well and staying virus-free. I'm going to be honest here, my ass is dragging to the finish line of Sunday Gravy Season 5.5. It could also be called Season 6, We started this season way back on February 9th of this year. Think back to just after the Superb

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Lou Wills Lemon Pepper Barbecue Chicken Wings.

Good morning all. Hope everyone is well and woke and mentally OK out there. This fucking year man. Had myself another, I don't know what the fuck to call it, "anxiety attack" I guess, while I was at work this week. Holy shit those things are not fun. Let me tell you all how much

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Your new favorite breakfast item that you didn’t know existed and some tips and tricks.

Good morning and welcome back everyone. After coasting through a nice, cool, comfortable summer for a bit we are getting our asses hammered right now by a less-than-delightful combination of heat, humidity and fire season which in turn gives us incredibly shitty air quality. Awesome. Seriously it's hot as fuck out there and

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Penne with Sausage Pesto AND homemade bread.

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Speaking of "welcome back" I've just returned from my 2 day jaunt to San Diego County and all I can say is THAT was not relaxing. It was really strange doing so-called "normal" things when every-fucking-thing is fucked out there. OF COURSE it was awesome seeing my youngest daughter and

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Cast Iron Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Hola fellow survivors! How is everyone holding up? There was a discussion in the top secret DFO headquarters a week or two ago, where I mentioned that right out of the goddamn blue I had an anxiety attack. No real reason. I guess going to work Monday through Friday in the middle

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Sweet and Spicy Thai Style Chicken Wings

Good morning everyone! Hope everybody remains healthy and masked up out there. Here's a little tidbit for you: the NFL season is supposed to start in just a little over 5 weeks. Holy shit. That happened fast. I say "supposed" to start for obvious reasons. I hope I'm not being overly pessimistic about this but

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Grilled Gochujang Ribs!

Good morning people! Welcome back. No, you're not hallucinating - you're not are you? Cuz I'm jealous if you are - we are indeed cooking with gochujang again. Two good reasons for this; it's goddamn delicious and I still had some in my refrigerator. Those are both good fucking qualified reasons right there. We

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Cannelloni

Hey everyone! Welcome back. Y'all good and safe out there? /radio edit Welcome back to Sunday Gravy everyone! Got a real fun one for you today and man-o-Manischewitz is it delicious too. We are going back to my all-too-familiar well and we're going to take on another Italian American classic: cannelloni. Most of you are familiar

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Grill-a-Palooza

Greetings everyone. I trust these missives find you alive and well. Last weekend was the 4th of July weekend and I celebrated as any red blooded atheist American would; by cooking smoldering bits of animal flesh over an open fire. It's what I was born to do. The 4th is always an interesting holiday.