2019 Quotables – Week 7 (Results)

I feel like I say this every week I’m guest hosting Quoteables, but holy shit are you guys good at this.  Between the clever quick hits, the truly deplorable and whatever thing BFC said this time that also went over my head,  it’s enough to make one want to quit their day job and instead just further hone the craft of captioning moving images of football players on a dick joke site. Well, that, and watch the new season of Bojack that came out earlier today. The good news is that it’s Friday, and soon at least one of those things can happen.

Enjoy your weekends and your RESULTS:

“This is the opposite of the “you just got pregnant” gif” – BrettFavresColonoscopy
“Oh, I’m afraid the game clock will be quite operational when this penalty is declined…” – Rikki-Tikki-Deadly
“There’s cake?” 
“Where’s the cake?” 
“Oh, you ate all the cake” 
“That’s ok” – Game Time Decision
“Imagine how big a freak you have to be for an adult Texan wearing a “Big D” shirt and fucking eye black as a spectator to be giving you the side-eye treatment.” – King Hippo
“…and that’s the first time anyone’s ever been wet around an Italian guy.” – SonOfSpam

(It also seems to be a trend where I guest host Quoteables and LA catches on fire. Once again, I hope everyone stays safe out there and that the Santa Ana’s die down sooner rather than later for all our sakes.)

Low Commander of the Super Soldiers
Low Commander of the Super Soldiers
Low Commander of the Super Soldiers is a native North County San Diegan with an affinity for the Padres, beer, whiskey, punk rock, video games and the end of days. If you eat a fish taco with a fork in his presence, you may lose your hand.
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Hey, it’s not my fault I’m intellectually arrogant.

Eh, maybe it is.


It’s not often that my hometown gets a mention. Check out 1:15.


I got nothing?

May southern California BURN.