2019 Quotables – The Big Game (Results)

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Hey all. So I kinda got tied up with #reallife stuff last week and didn’t quite get your Quotables results out. Anyways, I just wanted to give a tip of the cap to all who contributed through this season. So good job. Your submissions are here and below are your final 2019 Quotables results.

“How fucking shitty is the KC area? Even West Virginians can afford to burn a full size couch, not some crappy loveseat.” -ArmedandHammered

“Portia, order me one of those VR headsets. Same-day delivery.” -SonOfSpam

“TB: ‘Andy, you just won the Super Bowl! Where are you going next?’ AR: ‘I’M GOING TO GOLDEN CORRAL!’” -LemonJello

“Look, they’re going to acquit him, alright? Now, stop acting like some libtard pussy and get back in this fucking game!”-LemonJello

“I only have one dead son. Get that right you miserable fucks at [checks special sauce stained notecard] DFO.” -nomonkeyfun

“The other five rings are inside your mom.” -Enrico Pallazzo

Credit: Unsurprised

In honor or Richard Sherman’s Super Bowl LIV performance, no one showed up for this gif.


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Just like Jimmy Garappolo, I had a great start for quotables and then disappeared in the playoffs


Damn, I was hoping my piggies one would have made the final cut. Congrats to all the winners.

Moose -The End Is Well Nigh

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Farewell, Quotables! Until next season!
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