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King Hippo

Finally, the Premiership came to its senses (and the EFL), joining UEFA competition in hitting the pause button for at least three weeks.

Everyone knows it will 99.99% likely last much longer than that.

Heck, I’d say it’s 80/20 likely that even this summer’s European Euros are not happening.  My humble recommendation would be to have it somewhere warm-ish during an extended winter break (time it to synch up with the African Euros?), eliminate the domestic cups to make the season more manageable.  But ain’t nobody ask me.

Here’s a good general take from Brandon Perna:

As to the larger failure of political leadership, here’s an excellent riposte (yes am probably using the work wrong) from a reasonable conservative not named Redshirt:


Stay safe out there.  Follow the news.  Get good terlet paper if still possible.  Let’s hope there’s still a nation-state for Diamond Joe and his Trans-Am in 2021.


Oh,  my Negative Nelly-ed friend,  how wrong can you be?!?

This is Balls, btw.

First off, Liga MX is still playing!

Check out today’s schedule here:

Not only that,  but the Brazilian State tournaments are still ongoing while the Argentinian Cup tourney rolls on!

Last I heard,  AFLW is still playing this weekend too. And we know those fit females hit harder than the men do!

There is plenty to watch and now is a good time to expand your horizons and discover something new and cool.

In a quirky turn of fate, Real Madrid held the La Liga lead after beating Barça in the Clásico only to give it back by losing last weekend against Real Betis. This means that if the season were to be called off, Barcelona would finish first in Quique Setién’s first season.

And Quique would have his former club to thank for that.

Yes, I know his name is not Quique. But it’s close and CHUSMA CHUSMA PFFT!

Have a great day everyone and stay calm.  As one my favourite people once told me,

King Hippo
King Hippo
Reclusive, vulgar Broncos fan. Also a proud fookin' Evertonian. Likely dropped on my head repeatedly as a small child. [Insert George Carlin quote followed by thoughtful nod.]
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Have now switched over to Goldeneye. Famke Janssen’s thighs beckon.

Brick Meathook
Brick Meathook

Man I’ve been hammered for two days solid. Ain’t no viruses living in me, no way no how.


That last photo makes me want to see about going to a matanza whenever I go back to New Mexico.


I’m about to start watching Blade Runner. Finally a movie about a brighter future!

Viva La Tabula Raza
Viva La Tabula Raza

Next, watch The Road with Viggo Mortensen. That will fucking brighten your day.