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So, the Major League Lacrosse (MLL) “season” is over and your Boston Cannons are your Steinfeld Trophy winners. They won 13-10 over Denver in a tight game.   The Cannon’s open the scoring about 3 minutes in and then lead 8-6 at the half on a 2 point goal with one second left on the clock.  The Outlaw’s would cut the lead to 3 with about 2 minutes left in the 3rd, but could not get any closer.

While the final game was good, the big news came on Saturday when the Chesapeake Bayhawks and the Connecticut Hammerheads both removed themselves from playing in the semi-finals due to multiple players testing positive for COVID.  Officially both teams forfeited the game, but that the players put their health and the health of their families first speaks volumes to me.  I did see something about having the other 2 teams play in the semi-finals, but enough of those teams had already left that it wasn’t possible.  It’s sad that we’ll never know who should have won the trophy this year, but think that this is going to be our new normal and that the show must go on. This reminds me of a comment in one of the threads about how the MLB champ would be who ever still had enough players to field a team in a few weeks.  With the MLL season being in a bubble and only 8 days long and still could not play all the games without players testing positive for COVID, makes me wonder how long the other leagues will run before having to shut down.  And while I want to see me some sports ball, I wonder if it’s still too early to be starting back up.

Final standings, including playoff’s

Team Record % win
Denver Outlaws 4-2 0.667
Connecticut Hammerheads 3-2 0.600
Boston Cannons* 4-2 0.667
Chesapeake Bayhawks 3-2 0.600
Philadelphia Barrage 2-3 0.400
New York Lizards 0-5 0.000

Full Schedule

Saturday, July 18
Philadelphia Barrage 11 at Chesapeake Bayhawks 16 – 1 PM ESPN+
New York Lizards 14 at Boston Cannons  16– 4 PM ESPN+
Connecticut Hammerheads 6 at Denver Outlaws 18 – 7PM ESPN+

Sunday, July 19
Chesapeake Bayhawks 18 at New York Lizards 13 – 1 PM ESPN2
Denver Outlaws 15 at Philadelphia Barrage 10 – 4 PM ESPN2

Monday, July 20
Boston Cannons 13 at Chesapeake Bayhawks 15 – 4 PM ESPN+
Philadelphia Barrage 14 at Connecticut Hammerheads 10– 7 PM ESPN+

Tuesday, July 21
Philadelphia Barrage 10 at Boston Cannons 12 – 4 PM ESPN+
Denver Outlaws 12 at New York Lizards 11– 7 PM ESPN+

Wednesday, July 22
Connecticut Hammerheads 10 at New York Lizards 8– 4 PM ESPN+
Chesapeake Bayhawks 12 at Denver Outlaws 13– 7 PM ESPN+

Thursday, July 23
Boston Cannons 8 at Connecticut Hammerheads 11– 4 PM ESPN+
New York Lizards 11 at Philadelphia Barrage 12– 7 PM ESPN+

Friday, July 24
Connecticut Hammerheads 14 at Chesapeake Bayhawks 8– 4 PM ESPN+
Denver Outlaws 8 at Boston Cannons 10– 7 PM ESPN+

Saturday, July 25
Chesapeake Bayhawks at Denver Outlaws – 1 PM ESPN+
Boston Cannons at Connecticut Hammerheads – 4 PM ESPN+

Sunday, July 26
Boston Cannons 13 at Denver Outlaws 10– 2 PM ESPN

Points leaders:

Name Team Goals Assists Points
Lee, Ryan Denver 18 2 20
Wasserman, Bryce Boston 14 5 19
Thompson, Lyle Chesapeake 14 5 19
Kew, Andrew Chesapeake 14 5 19
Voigt, Bradley Connecticut 16 1 17
Aslanian, Chris Denver 7 10 17
Sands, Will Connecticut 4 11 15
Bucaro, Daniel Denver 13 2 15
O’Hara, Connor NY 14 1 15
Sunday, Brendan Philadelphia 11 4 15

Something that always bothers me when watching these games is how the announcers always refer to the players by where they played collegiality.  There’s never a mention that some of these guys play indoor/box lacrosse.  3 of the top 5 scorers play box lacrosse and do well there.  How the hell is that never mentioned?

It’s just me with these thoughts, ok, carry on then.

Ground ball leaders:

Name Team Ground balls
Woodall, Alex Philadelphia 35
Madalon, Chris Philadelphia 30
Spring , Alex NY 28
Reisman, Kevin Boston 26
Sconone, Sean Connecticut 23
Kaut, Austin NY 23
Adler, Max Denver 22
Randall , Ben NY 21
Byrnes, Liam Philadelphia 21
Dowd, Casey Denver 19

Save leaders

Player Team Minutes played  Goals against GAA Saves Save%
Madonna, Dom Boston 60:37:00 8 7.92 16 0.667
Sconone, Sean Connecticut 300:00:00 57 11.4 76 0.571
Knight, Christian Denver 150:00:00 26 10.4 30 0.536
Phipps, Brian Chesapeake 243:19:00 49 12.08 56 0.533
Marrocco, Nick Boston 239:23:00 50 12.53 54 0.519

Quick thoughts follow up:

Boston Cannons
With lots of new faces, will they have enough time to become a team? They won it all, so sure
Will the very physical defence be able to wear down opponents or will they be warn down? With both goalies in the top 5, looks like the defence held up

Chesapeake Bayhawks
Can the defending champs repeat? Nope
Does Callum Crawford have the legs to play so many games together? Didn’t play, so i guess not. I also didn’t see anything as to why he didn’t play
How will team defend Lyle Thompson ( probably the best lacrosse guy in the league, if not all together, right now)? Not very well

Connecticut Hammerheads
This team has had so many homes will they be able to find a new mojo for the season?  Seriously this team has 4 or 5 different former homes. Placed second in regular season, so sure
Can they hold off the other teams for their offence to start to click.  They got off to a slow start, but came on strong at the end

Denver Outlaws
How much does John Grant Jr ( Age 43) have left in the tank? Can he manage this many games this close together? Held to just 4 assists for the season
How will losing their best goalie and defender impact the defence? Made it to the finals, so not much
Can the all-most rookie goalies handle the pressure?  Yep

New York Lizards
Is there a dumber team name than the Lizards for a northern team? As pointed out in the comments of the season preview, yes, the [Retracteds], duh

Philadelphia Barrage
Can they hold off enough teams to let their top rated offence get to work? Nope, finished second last
Will their rookies be able to handle the pressure? Nope
Will their transition score the most goals in the season? No clue, as I’m too lazy to figure it all out and the MLL site sucks for stats.

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