Hard Ride To Nowhere Quarantine Special

The scene: The DFO clubhouse, where several DFOers are gathered. Marc Trestmans Windowless Van is hanging out on the couch with Sharkbait, his crabman friend, watching Ah-nuld movies. Six feet away, Moosemas Gorilla is sprawled out on a recliner, Horatio Cornblower perched on his shoulder. Six feet away from them

Moosemas in Hell (Part Two)

The scene: The Secret Island of Doktor Zymm! Assorted DFOers, Olympian gods, ninjas and hangers-on are currently in the lab with the Dimensional Energy Retrieval Portal as Zymm programs new coordinates into the computer. Ballsofsteelandfury: So...you were serious, Dok? Moose and the others are really in Hell? Doktor Zymm (punching keys):