Your “Will The Song Remain The Same?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Coaches can return to team facilities as of Friday, according to the league office. Coaches may return only if the team has "received necessary permission from state and local governments to reopen its facility," according to the league memo. Clubs may also increase the number of employees in

Your “If You Don’t Golf, Can You Claim A ‘Mulligan’?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The big organizational news is the league edict that training camps have to be held at team facilities. Meaning that teams that sometimes hold initial sessions in the field - the Cowboys, for example, usually start in Oxnard, CA - have to hold everything in one place. So

Your “So…..Anarchy?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: There's not a lot going on today, what with #BlackoutTuesday being the prevailing social media sentiment. Many teams & players are respecting the cause. The most poignant quote linking everything together came from NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar: "There's been a lot of talk of how horrible the rioting and

Your MXC Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Most of it today surrounds the reactions to what happened in Minneapolis, as well as the systemic racism inherent in most justice systems. (Before anyone goes off on me as a Canadian trying to sound superior, I remind you that I didn't say just the US system. Canada has

We had my union AGM via GoTo Meeting yesterday, and let me tell you - the Minneapolis riots were better organized. We started late, to make sure everyone got in; we constantly rewound, for people who got confused; and we repeated the same talking points about management. Christ - what a

Look, it's been a long week. I've got three teaching weeks left in the school term, and now the year-long skippers are coming out of the woodwork, with their parents, wanting to know why they aren't going to graduate on time. Of course, with the schools being remotely run, each

Your “Do What We Mean, Not What We Say” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Well, today was Rules Committee day, and let's see what passed:  4th & 15 - PASSED TABLED! Not sure what the hell happened here, but apparently there was the belief that it would be the slippery slope towards eliminating kickoffs altogether. Like how electing Obama would make

Your “Making Do With What’s Available” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The NHL reopening strategy has both MLB & the NFL contemplating how they will go forward. Baseball has pretty much planned out nothing to this point, but the "hub city" idea was their initial strategy for Florida & Arizona. Their latest strategy is to start on July 4,

I hope all the US-based Commentists are having a nice holiday weekend. Having just recently enjoyed one up here, thanks to our devotion to the monarchy, I can say that under any circumstances, they are warmly appreciated. By fortune of the calendar, it's the actual May 2-4 weekend, which I