Your “Stupid Is As Stupid Does” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Combine idiocy: The Bengals met with, and somehow didn't turn off, Joe Burrow on Wednesday. Partaking in the interview on the team's side were owner Mike Brown, head coach Zac Taylor, offensive coordinator Brian Callahan and others involved with the Bengals combine scouting. Nowhere does it ask his opinion

Your “Not A Lot Going On” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Reminder: the Franchise Tag window opens tomorrow. Teams have two weeks to designate an eligible player, which should be lots of fun. The PI Challenge Rule might be gone before the next season starts. In the annual postseason survey taken by the nine-member NFL Competition Committee, teams came

Your “Sure, Okay” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: It looks like Cam Newton is staying in Carolina.   Rapoport reports that new head coach Matt Rhule would prefer to start the season with Newton under center. There may be a strategy to draft Newton's eventual replacement, but for right now it's better for the organization to keep

Your “‘Who Went Where?’ Ice Football Division” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Drew Brees' 20th season will make him the 20th player in NFL history to have hit that mark.   Of the other 19, five have been quarterbacks: Tom Brady Brett Favre Earl Morrall Vinny Testaverde George Blanda The Bucs announced today they will be debuting new uniforms in April.

Your “Everything’s Fine!” Evening Open Thread

So, unless someone figures out a way to upend the flawed process that exists, it's going to be Bernie, huh? Good luck with that. In other news, let's again all rejoice at the fact that the Leafs lost to their AHL zamboni driver. Here's the contract he had to sign. He got $500

Your Saturday Evening Post

Apparently nothing matters today because the Democrats are eating themselves alive in Nevada. I can just picture the lineup at Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar & Grill" discussing the finer points of Mayor Pete's budget proposals versus Bernie's "Medicare For All" plan. I think it'll go something like this: Democrat

Boots On The Ground: Friday Night Smackdown

Despite my recent absence from the site, life goes on. And one of the things that was on my agenda despite all the horribleness was having tickets to the Valentine's Day taping of "Friday Night Smackdown". The date itself wasn't a problem for WineWife. She hates Valentine's Day, and any attempt

Your “What’s One More?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Everson Griffen voided the remaining years on his Vikings contract, thereby immediately entering free agency.   He was able to do so because he hit some contract benchmarks for sack and percentage of snaps played. It frees up $13 million in cap space for the Vikings, but also allows

Your Wednesday Evening Catwalk Post

NFL News: Greg Olsen has signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks. Continuing the heritage of greats like Franco Harris, Jerry Rice & Sebastian Janikowski, who all signed one-year deals with Seattle before retiring & going to the Hall of Fame. ESPN throws some delightful shade, pointing out that Russell

Your “How Do I Do This Again?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Okay, let's see if I can go a week without something bad happening. Can it be 2021 already? NFL Nuggets: Trade rumours in advance of the Combine: Le'Veon Bell   Darius Slay Cam Newton Today's non-Bears landing spots: Chargers, Colt, Bucs. Andy Dalton. Impending free agents: Tom Brady is going to make teams

Your “How Did I Get Here?” Thursday Evening Open Thread NFL Nuggets: Today's trade / release rumours: Matt Stafford. Unlikely, given that he's a $21 million cap hit if he plays, but a $32 million hit if he's released or traded. Josh Norman. He's just too expensive, and Washington can draft cheaper options. Jameis Winston. Sure, he just had LASIK,

Your “Hotheads Hotheading” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: The AB thing is over a $4000 moving dispute. A company he hired to store & ship his stuff back from California refused to unload it at his house because he refused to pay. When the van drove away, AB threw rocks at it, causing minor damage. When