Its Bye time for the Texans and Houston

/insert witty paragraph //insert asinine youtube clip #content   Now let's get down to business! What I Said "The fanbase is achieving sentience as they are starting to talk about rookie Deshaun Watson and how long Tom Savage will keep the starting spot warm for him." Half a game, Savage lasted half a game. Since then Watson has

Coach Duchess Takes a Knee

*Blows Whistle     Alright everybody bring it in! Take a knee, boys. Skylar god damn it I said take a knee not two a knee. Taking two knees are for girls, and you'll understand that when you get older. Now shut up everyone listen while I am talking to you. See boys this

25 Questions…

ahem... Wheres My Theme Music? Life is like playing for the Hurricanes, here on This Blog Footballs, laserfaces,  Jets fail, it's a damn blog Might watch a miss field goal, or write about aliens in history! 25 Questions (woo oo) Thursday Duchess is out there making, 25 Questions (woo oo) Questions of daring-do anal and pop Culture Questions (woo

25 Questions about… Cutler to the Dolphins

  Have you ever gone to a bar and found that your favorite bartender was replaced by some guy named Steve? Well, I'm Steve, what can I get you?   How many Chicago Bears fans have now made the Dolphins their AFC team? Is anyone really surprised he choose to get paid $10

Trubisky fumbles 3 snaps in practice drill and other news

ESPN noted that 1st Rounder Trubisky fumbled three times during practice the other day! THREE TIMES! Oh man, write him up as a bust right here right now! I have scoured my team sources and found out that the top 10 draft class is already circling the drain and may be

Duchess Goes to the Movies – Spider-Man Homecoming

I watched Spider-Man Homecoming, and I loved the movie. I want to see more. I want to see this Spider-Man on a weekly basis learn about his powers and become the Amazing Spider-Man.  The supporting cast is excellent, who wouldn't want to see more of Michael Keaton? More Happy? Yes

A Rational Look at the Bears 1st Round Trade

So, for the most part, folks are crapping on the Bears for moving up one spot from 3 to 2 in order to draft a franchise QB. The common consensus is that the Bears gave up a lot in order to move up one spot. But did they? Now yes I

Murderer Commits one last homicide in Prison

Aaron Hernadez, who still elicits remarks like "sure he killed people, but at least he didn't play like Ras-I Dowling," committed suicide in his cell. He went out of this life the same way he came into the NFL, being effective despite being undersized and failing to set proper blocks.

Real Time with Brandon Marshall

                                                                    jwplayer.key="Xb4pq7jNsbZ4Vfx+msWU558xEnsZPO4TpfmMIQ=="; jwplayer("player").setup({title: "MPO gets $130 million transportation fund", file:"",image:"",tracks: [{file: ""}],advertising:{client: "vast",schedule: {"myAds":{"offset":"pre","tag":"[timestamp]"}}}, autostart: false, width: "100%",aspectratio: "16:9"})