I Am Irsay: Indianapolis Colts 2015 Preview

[DFO Claimer: this preview was handled mainly by Covalent Blonde with me peppering in some insanity. Giddy up.] /lights Marlboro Red Ya'll wanna hear 'Freebird'? I am Irsay. Out of the last 15 years, my Colts have made playoff appearances in all but two seasons.  In fact, since 2012, Indianapolis has been steered by

Bucs Preview with #CaptainWarrenSapp

[Dfo-claimer: This preview should be read at high volumes. Preferably in a residential area. Welcome aboard.] Captain's Cabin Door Flies Open Warren Sapp: YAARRR Mateys! Welcome to Captain Warren Sapp's 2015 Tampa Bay Bucs preview! I'm ye scurvy dawgs Captain, Warren Sapp. Joining me in this parlay as always is my faithful

But I’m A Placekicker!

http://glowingscenes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/diary0031.jpg Excerpt from the journal of Jaxson Hill, Placekicker for the West Bay High Broncos. Hey Journal, I know its been awhile since I wrote you. Ive been really busy with my AP classes (Miss Crocket is making us read To Kill a Mockingbird, which is really cutting into my time to