An Imaginary Pretend Man City Tribute…Plus MOAR!

Welcome to July (or Jew-LIE!!!! if from Mississippi), with Lesser Footy now back in full swing.  Most of the fixtures are even watchable now! First, a tribute.  Pretend Man City (2048-49 season) just signed a shit-hot new Keeper, England's #1 at the age of 23.  He's 6'4" and Black Like Me

27 June Lesser Madness Thread

Tis a strange schedule.  You get one Premiership fixture each day, at bizarre times.  Saturday has ONLY the early bird special, which features Euro-curious Wolves away to "just happy to be here" Villa (7:30, NBCSN).  I feel like a lunatic setting me alarms for this.  But I will.  Saints at

First Weekend Back? Derby Days

First off, I wish Everton had already played so I could use Dominic Calvert-Lewin's Black Lives Matter #9 shirt.  But this will have to do.  Full credit to the Premiership for taking on racial justice issues, with remarkable unity and moral clarity.  I am proud to support this League. OF COURSE in

Brandon Perna Kicks All The Derierre

Please, just watch/listen to this in full.  We really need him in Most Glorious Commentist Party! Perhaps the most important takeaway...LISTEN.  Just fucking listen to other humans when they are expressing real needs and concerns.  Also, my esteem for badass Donks safety Justin Simmons somehow went even higher. Kraut and Imaginary Footy

Lesser Footy May Day – How Many tWBS’s Shall There Be?

Yes, those lovable, cuddly Krauts are in full swing on FS1 and assorted sister channels.  Dortmund/Wolfsburg and Borussia Unpronounceable/Aspirin FC highlight the 9:30 slate.  Bayern (the side you've heard of) gets Eintracht Frankfurt at 12:30, and should be ok viewing.  Except...the play has been choppy after the long, weird break. 

The Depths of Insanity Saturday

Oh, have you not been playing Football Manager 2020 with the intensity and the involuntary spasming of a prime crickhead?  PLEBIANS. I am as terrible at this as I am GAMBLOR.  PLEASE SEND OPIATES. Anyway, the Central European paradise that is unquestionably Belarus still rules our sportsball desert world.  You get a