Primero Sabado Componadora Open Thread

Hey, how y'all like the pidgin-espanol for "combination?"  Although it won't mean MOAR until next weekend, there's enough on the JV slate to merit some discussion. First, the Lesser Footy.  Rise and shine early for the UNDEFEATED, UN-DRAWN Muthafuckin' Toffees!  This week brings home to West Brom (7:30, Peacock), and the

Trolling FOAR Auction League Owners Open Thread

Hey it beats Trolling FOAR Cub Scouts ,, amirite?? Speak for yourself, Mister Man! - Marc T., Parts Unknown I am typing this up during the Europa final.  Tis a race between Antonio Conte and the GOOOOOLLLLLLLL! announcer, as to who strokes out first.  Let us hope that Sunday Funday's PSG/Bear Team

Last Day of Lesser Flacco Eight Open Thread

Have you not been watching, on CBS All Access, pirate stream from Krygyzstan, and/or one of your teevee box's espanol channels?  Boy howdy, has you been missing some good Shempions Sheeeeit. The headline story (and the only non-awesome match) was the wheels of the Barca jalopy coming...all...the...way...OFF.  Think separation from the

Shempions League Takes Charge

And then, as if to honoUr the late, great (in terms of hilarity) Herman Cain - there were NINE.  Oh fuck, TEN.  My brain is so beyond borken. Friday was the day everyone looked forward to, as For Realz Man City put Real Cuntfaces of Madrid to the sword.  2-1 away,

Paging Rob Manfred, Galactical Disgrace

Please consult with the infinite wisdom of Chuck D: I swear to holy tittyfuck, it's like Manfred's raison d'être is to make The Shield look sane, humane, and competent.  Eat shit, you boot licking motherfucker. In better/Lesser news, our beloved Mighty Whitey survive and advance to face the Bees (nae Moose Hornets)