Your “I Don’t Give A Crap” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Earlier today, King Hippo  posted something called Nihilism Weekend, 2020 Edition.  Perhaps he is better versed in the English language than myself, considering what I titled THIS piece.  Them law talking dudes can be tricky sometimes. But regardless of my lack of couth, we all had some fun earlier today on

Your “Was I Snoring Too Loud?” Friday Evening Open Thread

This week's theme is a suggestion by some person who may or may not be known by the moniker of Rikki-Tikki-Deadly. You can't prove anything!!!!!!! Frankly, when the suggestion was made, I was ashamed of myself that I hadn't already thought of it myself.  Honestly. IMHO there are very few things that are

STFU He Got In, He Got In, Stop Your Whining.

Derek Jeter falls one vote short of being unanimous Hall of Fame pick; why he deserved every vote Here's the shortstop WAR leaderboard (min. 75 percent of career games at short): Cal Ripken Jr.: 95.9 WAR Ozzie Smith: 76.9 WAR Bill Dahlen: 75.4 WAR Luke Appling: 74.5 WAR Arky Vaughan: 72.9

Deep Thoughts…With tWBS

Whenever I watch game shows, I tend to shout out the answers when I know them.  I like to feel smrt. But often, when I watch them with my mother, I shout out the answers and then a few seconds later, she'll shout out the same answer as if SHE thought

Your “Stand Tall” Friday Evening Open Thread

Normally I am more attracted to petite girls.  But every now and again I find myself looking slightly upwards and thinking... yeah ok, fine by me.  Let's do this. Never happens, though.  Most tall girls don't like it when they're taller than their date.  Trust me. Meh, you can't have everything.  Climbing

Your “Batalla de los Tigres” Monday Evening Open Thread

I promise you that the Tigers will win tonight's NCAA Football National Champs game. You can take that one to the bank. (Hippo probably will, actually) - NCAA Football Championship - Clemson Tigers vs LSU Tigers - 8:00pmEST - TV: ESPN (LSU -5/ML -220, o/u 67.5) The #1 ranked LSU Tigers, sporting the current Heisman

Your “Second Verse…” Friday Evening Open Thread

...Same as the first. Perhaps I'm getting old and predictable.  But with less than a month left in the NFL post-season we gotta get it in while we still can. I had considered waxing philosophic tonight about that orange guy at 1600 who is about to get us into a major "conflict"

Your “The Playoffs Are Near” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yup.  Wildcard Weekend is upon us. Easy there.  I know it's exciting, but be careful.  Don't hurt yourself or you'll end up in the blue tent. My Ratbirds finished in a big way, so they don't even have to play this weekend. 14-2 Baybeeeeee!!!!! Sorry, gotta get it in before they get upset at

[Redacted] Ron

Full Disclosure...part of the reason I'm posting this is because I want to see how well the filter still works. But still... Ron Rivera reportedly agrees to five-year deal to become [Redacted]s' new head coach The Washington [Redacted]s have landed Ron Rivera to be their next head coach, according to Michael Silver of