Is Glass Always the Villain? – An Open Thread

If you watched the bowl game against Pitt last night, you may have noticed the end of the game (maybe not the wimpy east coast people who think sleep is a necessity), the QB for Eastern Michigan got a little handsy, not in the good way, with the judo chop

Thursday Nights Suck Again Open Thread

Having to wait until Saturday for some hot football action this week.  No more Thursday night football for us. *sigh* So, let’s talk about a relevant subject that really plagues our society:  Massage Therapists. What kind of freak wants a job where you touch people all day?  Think about that for a minute. 

Breaking News: KC Style

Muy importante!  NFL dot com is reporting that Mahomes is able to not only grip the ball, but also able to rip the ball. Stay tuned for the latest news that is from another news source all throughout the day.  

Horse Shoes Are Not So Lucky Thursday Night Open Thread

Before we get started, I want to give a pre-Thanksgiving shout out to my mom and dad, my homies from the north side, my totally fresh crew of Johnny, Nick, Christopher, and PhatBoyMegaNastyMac10 himself, Tanner Anderson, my aunt Matilda who makes amazing Frito boats, whoever made these comfy tighty-whiteys, the