Sunday Gravy with yeah right: New Orleans Style Barbecue Shrimp!

Good morning all. Time to wake up and smell the gravy! Hope everybody is surviving the beginning of the long-ass NFL offseason. I know why you're here. You're here for the goddamn gravy! And boy howdy do we have a good one today. It's truly the best of both worlds. It's tasty as

Your Oscar Live Post and Sunday Evening Open Thread

banner image by DJ TAJ Good evening everyone and welcome to the show. In past years we here at DFO have had extensive coverage (and amazing original artwork) of Oscar Season provided by our very own Make It Snow. This year due to several commitments he was unable to provide coverage. We will

Sunday Gravy Season Premiere!: The Low Cost of Luxury.

  Good morning Gravy heads! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy! Now that we've finished another mostly disappointing NFL season, we can get back to the good stuff! Today marks the start of the 6th season of Sunday Gravy. God. Damn. We've covered well over 100 some-odd recipes dating all the way back to my very

Saturday Evening Post: Hate Week Concludes.

Banner Image Via ME Motherfuckers! Good evening everyone. That beautiful goddamn banner photo was taken by your humble narrator personally last November 30th for the very last concert EVER! from Slayer. Brother DJ Taj and I are both thrash metal maniacs and for me this was the 4th time I've seen

DFO Hate week continues: The Modern American “Muscle” Car.

Yeah, I'm gonna vent. Maybe borderline hate here. What the everloving fuckall is this fucking shit? This? VVVRRROOOOM! I am the fiercest vehicle in my suburban block house stucco encrusted beige apartment building and everybody fears me! They see my matte finish and my fierce pre-fab "ready to be broken the second I bump into

A Confidence is Lost

banner image via {Exterior, Coach Mike Zimmer's ranch in Northern Kentucky} [Door Flies Open] Coach Zimmer: "Hey everybody, I'm home!" Maria: "Hi Coach! Welcome home!" Beansie: "EEEEEKK!" CZ: "Man, it's good to be home but I tell ya, I wouldn't mind being in Miami right now doing some game prep." Maria: "You know Coach. You had a

Your “It’s a long way until your next Monday Night Football Game” open thread

Good evening all. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday interlude. Sorry about the title of this post but this is the first Monday since September 9th without an NFL Monday night football game and basically that's fucked up. Just think! In a little over 9 short months we'll have our next

So this Christmas thing is staring us right in the face Sunday Night Football Open Thread.

Greetings festive Festive-makers! It's your old friend and food guy, yeah right here giving our own Scotchy a much needed holiday respite. There are some rumours floating about something with a high speed chase, Canadian Royal Mounted Police and DNA evidence but I'm gonna assume it was over imbibing in the Ol'

At the intersection of Hope and Belief: Vikings at the bye.

image via. As recipients of the final NFL bye week, it's time to put the current season of the Minnesota Vikings into perspective. In all honesty 8-3 surpasses expectations eleven games in. Let's take some time to harken back to my team season preview. "This team can go anywhere from 6-10 to Superb Owl

Boots on the Ground! Hollywood Bowl for Vampire Weekend.

One of the ongoing features that we here at [DFO] will periodically share is our "Boots On The Ground"  series. When one of our gifted and talented and no doubt drunk writers journeys to places of note, we like to regale the readers here with photos, tales and remembrances of