Your “Dogfart Invades Europe 2” for Best Foreign Non-Feature AVN Awards Show Nominees

In the same general purple pulsating vein as Make it Snow's Oscars nominees preview,  I present to you this year's nominees for the AVN Awards. The winners will be announced this weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas,  Nevada at a gala you can still buy tickets

Welcome to the DFO Off-season!!

Another NFL year is in the books,  but fear not,  dear reader,  for we have plenty of #content to keep you amused and occupied until this mad cycle begins again. All of your favourite off-season recurring features are BACK such as Yeah Right's Sunday Gravy,  RTD's Request Line,  my AFL Beat, 

NFL Assistant Coaches: Pictorial Omnibus, Part Seven

In our continuing series portraying the vagaries of life as an NFL assistant coach, I am honored to present our latest installation of photographs that will hopefully open up a new perspective on this demanding and captivating profession.                           We sincerely hope you have enjoyed our presentation, and please look for our

2017 Quotables – Results Week One

Our own Blaxxy is busy traveling for work,  so you get me as Judge and Judy for this week's submittals. Without further ado, let's get to it! And the winners are...... Who said “the logo is lava?” - LemonJello Talk about adding injury to insult. Of course the Jest can’t do anything in the

1967 AFL Season Preview

In honor of Anniversary Week, the good folks of the [DFO] writing staff have looked through the years—nay, decades—of lost misplaced #content in search for articles that may have gone by the wayside. Yes, we've always been here, Mr. Torrance. You've already seen Shogun's discovery, and here's an article before

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Food Science: Building the Better Burrito, Pt. 1

Hola Sunday Gravy heads! I truly hope everyone has been surviving the summer thus far. I had to break down and turn on the air conditioner last week and that is not a normal occurrence. For some goddamn reason this shitty high pressure system parked over the top of the Four

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Throwback Sunday. Beef Stroganoff.

Greetings folks! Glad you could make it for another edition of Sunday Gravy. Today's meal most definitely falls under the "gravy" heading perfectly. As one of the resident "old guys" I was brought up in the era of pants suits and leatherette settees. Bowling alleys and pot lucks. Bouffant hair-dos with Aquanet. You

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Food Ideas for Superb Owl Lee: I Hope You Wore Your Chili Pants.

Welcome back folks! Have I got something special lined up for you today. The general idea was to get this recipe and a couple of links to previous posts up in time to give you a selection of food options to prepare in time for the Superb Owl! Many of you will remember

Quotables Week 14 Submissions – The “tWBS breaks the internet” version

Seriously, if I don't have a stroke or accidentally put norad on defcon1 before this is over, it will be a minor miracle. tWBS steals gifs from many places.  He has always found comfort with this dynamic. Now he has to learn to make them......???? /re-reads email with instructions sent from blax to

Quotables Week 13 Submissions – Balls Filling in Edition

As you are aware if you read last week's Quotables, I am your substitute teacher, Balls, Mr. ofSteelandFury if you will, and I am here to... WHO THREW THAT SPITBALL?? As I was saying, we will have a... DID YOU FART, MR. OfSpam? Ok, now as I was OH GOOD GOD MAN WHAT DID

Commentist Beer Barrel: Land of the Rising Suds

Hi kids! It's your friendly neighborhood curate, Reverend Mayhem, subbing in for makeitsnow. He is currently...indisposed. So, let's get right down to it. Today, I am reviewing Hitachino Nest White Ale and Red Rice Ale from Japan. I've noticed this column trends a little heavily toward North American craft beers, with