Your “How Many Seasons Are Over Already?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: A hilarious week for new NFL coaches ends with them racking up a 0-7 record, the first time that has happened. It's also the worst since new hires went 0-6 in 2001. Those coaches? Gregg Williams (Buffalo Bills), Butch Davis (Cleveland Browns), Dick Vermeil (Kansas City Chiefs), Herm Edwards

[DFO] Archives: Request Line – The Long Kiss Goodnight

INT.  RECORDING STUDIO - DAY. A young woman in a smart suit and horn-rimmed glasses is bustling around a control board on the exterior of the booth, getting everything set up for the upcoming segment.  Inside the booth, a large dark-haired young man is slumped over the desk.  A PRODUCER holding

[DFO] Archives: Electric Origins – The Birth of Evil

YAXKIN MULUK, 900 BC - GRAND TEMPLE - INTERIOR [The HIGH PRIEST stands before a glorious golden altar leading his congregation of hundreds in prayer. The square-shaped room is massive, with high ceilings and an opening at the very center showing sunny powder blue skies above. An entryway at the far

1967 AFL Season Preview

In honor of Anniversary Week, the good folks of the [DFO] writing staff have looked through the years—nay, decades—of lost misplaced #content in search for articles that may have gone by the wayside. Yes, we've always been here, Mr. Torrance. You've already seen Shogun's discovery, and here's an article before

[DFO] Archives: DFO Insider – The Deadly Dozen

INT. DFO PRODUCTION OFFICE - DAY A pair of sleazy Hollywood producers are lounging in an office filled with mid-century modern furniture and painted in pastel colors.  A young man, physically imposing but conveying the impression that he's fresh out of college, sits across from them. STEPHEN KING: ...and so she arrives

Chicago Bears 1967 Season Preview

Well, sports fans, last season was quite a disappointment for the Chicago Major League Baseball club's big brothers, as they plodded their way to a 5-7-2 record, finishing a dismal 5th place in the NFL West despite nearly scoring that magical number of 17 points per game. They even lost

DFO Archives: The Pope of Green Bay

As you well know, we at DFO strive mightily to keep you entertained and informed on current events concerning the NFL. Well Beerguyrob does anyway. The rest of us...ehh...well...hey what did you expect, you've been here this long. BUT! Did you know we have been providing this service for longer than