The D of S, Vol. II: Alle Porte del Purgatorio

Through the climb of Ante-Purgatory, about five minutes after the last volume ended TWBS: Hey, why'd you do that? We could have watched football and had beer and nachos with Gerry Ford! Senor: As much fun as that would have been we have to move. I know, it's unfortunate, but we would've

The D of S, Vol II: Ante-Purgatorio

Place: On the boat to the shores Purgatory TWBS: So, what are they all singing? (As per last installment.) Senor: In exitu Israel de Aegypto, "When Israel Came Out of Egypt." There's gonna be some Gregorian chants here, you've been warned. TWBS: Well that sucks. That's shit music that died out centuries ago. Senor:

Casino Coffee Shop. 11:00 AM.

image via [interior: a packed casino coffee shop. A man sits at a table for two] Man: "Dude! There you are!" [another man staggers up to the table and sits down heavily. He places both hands to his head] Dude: "Hey man. What's up?" Man: "DUDE! [laughing] You look like shit!" Dude: "You should feel it

The D of S, Cerchio Otto

Place: At the top of the bloody waterfall and that's not a British adjective it's literally a waterfall created out of a river of blood. Time: About ten seconds after TWBS peeked over the waterfall and saw a nasty creature swimming up towards him and Balls. TWBS: What the fuck

The D of S, Cerchi Quattro e Cinque

Place: Just above the Fourth Circle of Hell Time: About five seconds after Balls and TWBS passed Plutus, God of Wealth and Shitty Circle Guard. TWBS: q? TWBS has seen what seems to be millions and billions of souls deep in the middle of a large circular valley. They are

The D of S, Cerchio Tre

Place: Just inside the Third Circle of Hell Time: About five minutes after BALLS carried TWBS out of the Second Circle of Hell. TWBS slowly regains consciousness after having fainted. TWBS: Whut, where am I? BALLS: You are in the Third Circle of Hell. TWBS: What happened? BALLS: Despite me

The D of S, Cerchio Due

Place: Just outside the Castle of Limbo Time: A few minutes after TWBS and BALLS leave the Castle of Limbo. TWBS and BALLS are walking away from the castle and down a dark slope TWBS: So, he was an asshole, right? BALLS: Listen, I'll grant you that I prefer Euclid,