“Foof” – A DJ Taj Grim Airy Tale.

  Banner image via  I'm just a little kid, it was late at night. I was scared of life having awakened from the dream of the dead kid chasing me again. I needed a hug from Mom and a glass of water, nothing else would suffice. I stumbled forth from my room and

Crisis Response

The M -- Henderson -- 8:44 PM Seated in a private dining room, higher and more exclusive than any of the host resort's 390 rooms, the heads of America's most influential entertainment corporations finish a meal as rich -- and still unfulfilling --  as their cloud-obstructed north-looking view of The Strip.

A Confidence is Lost

banner image via {Exterior, Coach Mike Zimmer's ranch in Northern Kentucky} [Door Flies Open] Coach Zimmer: "Hey everybody, I'm home!" Maria: "Hi Coach! Welcome home!" Beansie: "EEEEEKK!" CZ: "Man, it's good to be home but I tell ya, I wouldn't mind being in Miami right now doing some game prep." Maria: "You know Coach. You had a

Dok Zymm – International Woman of Mystery – Chapter 1

Author's Note: This series of posts is borne out of my firm belief that Commentist Dok Zymm is actually a secret agent for a nefarious secret agency currently unknown to the general public or even Congress. Her current job serves as a perfect cover to gather intelligence while her

Your “Who Is He Dares Enter These My Woods?” Monday Evening Open Thread

This past weekend I decided on one more quick trip out of town. Christmas with Mom had gone well, and WineWife wasn't disappointed with my New Year's plans. So when an offer showed up in my inbox from one of [DFO]'s inner circle, I leaped at the chance to meet


That's right, kids- Uncle Scotchy is...indisposed for the evening. Some people just can't hold their chloroform. WHICH MEANS that Ol' Reverend Mayhem is driving the train tonight, and he's all hopped up on the Halloween candy Dr. Mrs. Mayhem bought and tried to stash away. CAN'T HIDE THE REESE'S FROM ME,

Go Home, Fate, You’re Drunk: 2019 Detroit Lions at the Bye

[INTERIOR, STAGE WITH CLOSED CURTAIN. From offstage, muffled and slurred shouts are heard, mostly inaudible but include variations on "Not goin' outthere!" and "You an whose army, cock-knocker?"] [Eventually, REVEREND MAYHEM is shoved through the curtain and stumbles into frame, one hand clutching a bottle of brown liquid labeled "JJ Fozz

Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Chapter 8 (Le Dénouement)

EXTERIOR, NORTH CAROLINA OUTER BANKS, EMERALD ISLE tWBS has caught a nice wave and is getting ready to move up the face to try a few maneuvers. It's his tenth wave of an epic day in which he has surfed to his heart's content with hardly anyone else in the