Your “It’s Almost Over And We Learned So Little” Sunday Afternoon NFL Football Open Thread

Shall we get right at it? We shall. TO THE GAMES! Jets/Bills: [shakes head] The Jets won 6 games? How? Anyhow, it's not a far reach to posit that as a kid, Josh Allen must have thrived during 'unstructured playtime'. Browns/Bengals: Much like Sex Panther, this game smells like Bigfoot's dick. One must give Cincy

Your Early Slate of NFL Games

TO THE GAMES! JAX/ATL: This game is silly. Why? BAL/CLE: I hear the sound of many Browns fans dying little tiny deaths. No one cares. Kitchens is fired into the sun at season's end. N.O/TEN: Gimpy McLegwound will fail me in fantasy just like everyone else. (hopes to hell he hears this and proves me wrong) CAR/INDY: The

Your Monday Night Football Open Thread

Yowza! Looks like we've got a stinker tonight but we'll muddle through as always. Some of you (me) just might need 8.6 points from Saquon Barko to pull off a W that you don't remotely deserve. So there's that. Fallout: -Players looking to shut it down for the year after getting injured