Your Yinzer Injury Report 2019

Oh, I’m told this the Bye Week update? Screw that, title still stands. THE BENS TEEM HAS LOTS OF OWIES IN ALL OVER BODYSPOT This team had serious question marks to start this season, and like 908% of the offense has gotten hurt since the opening kick-off to start the season. 2-4

Your “Whatever You Say, Man” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bucs have inked Ndamukong Suh to a one-year deal to ply his wares in pirate country. This will mark Suh's fourth team since being drafted, having played for the Lions, Dolphins, and Rams previously. To use's assessment, Tampa released the 2010 #3 overall pick (Gerald McCoy) so

Your “I Got Nothing” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bears have Mitch Trubisky listed as "questionable" for this Sunday. The working theory is that, given they are playing the Giants, they will let Chase Daniel play another week so the Truth Biscuit is ready for a run to the finish without anything nagging him going into

Your “Que Desafortunado Para Ti” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: For those of you who live in the region: Chiefs-Rams tickets went on sale Wednesday. They are setting aside seats for the first responders fighting the fires and police who answered the Thousand Oaks shooting call. It'll be the first Monday Night game at the Coliseum since 1985.

Yinzer Morons Bye Week Who Cares

After six games, does anyone really know what this team is? They've been run over by Bawler, tore HOTLANTA apart by the sinew, and tied against the freaking Browns. THE BEN has either been the probable Hall-Of-Famer he most likely is on good days, and looking more like Nate Peterman on

Leaves Of Grass: The Ballad of Le’Veon Bell – On His Teammates

The possible return of Le'Veon Bell this week or next is a testament to the nature of the modern game, and the lengths to which players have to go to ensure their post-playing days financial & physical viability. Returning during a scheduled bye not only guarantees him no contact for

Your “Welcome Back to Work!” Monday Night Football Open Thread

Anyone ever all set to go on a vacation, and then suddenly the morning before have someone dump a giant project on you? This happened to me two Thursdays ago, with the kicker (a few fan bases recoil in horror at that word) being that I had prepared for this

Yinzburgh Stillers 2018 Preview

Well, holy hell. Wasn't that AFC Championship Game the throwdown everyone, expected, and deserved? Two titans of the AFC having yet another remtatch to see who is who? Two greats, with history, both recent, and historically, to add to their legacy? Steelers and Patriots, two rivals vying for for supremacy

Your “Clash of the Titans (No, Not Those Titans)” Sunday Afternoon Football Open Thread

Oh my, we've got some jugger-naughty thrills and spills coming our way don't we? I'm genuinely excited for what's in front of us. Let's take a not-so-deep dive ("NO RUNNING NEAR THE POOL!") into the festivities... TO THE GAMES! L.A. RAMS/SEATTLE: De facto NFC West Championship Game? It sure feels/seems like it

“MAC n Cheese Is All You Get Tonight” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

There's no football tonight, of course.  Well, at least not the varsity variety. Barely the JV variety either, unless you're a MAC fan... But we'll get to that later. Besides, tonight I plan to try and ignore sports and finally try (again) to finish some reading I've been trying to finish for far