AFL Beat 2020 Season Round 10 / Sexy Friday Open Thread

This week... We are in the middle of a shitload of games in a row:   and IT'S SEXY AFL FRIDAY!!         Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat!   Like last week, we don't really have much time to reflect upon the Round That Was because there is another Round starting tonight! The one new thing

Your “Well, Look Who It Is” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: It's a quiet day inside the NFL bubble. Today was the deadline for players to voluntarily opt out of the 2020 season & have their contracts roll over to 2021. A total of 66 players officially took the offer prior to the 4:00PM ET deadline. Under the arrangement

HOLY HELL MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF IS BACK… Your Thursday PGA Championship slash afternoon open thread

Hawkey is back, the NBA is back (I think?), based ball is sort-of back who knows, football... again, who knows. All of that stated, golf has been back for six weeks. Granted, there aren't any galleries, so, it's been a bit strange, but, I'll take what I can get at

Less Than Elite : An AEW Open Thread by Joliet Jake Delhomme

Editor's Note: While this post may have my name,  it was wholly conceived,  fed through an umbilical cord,  and brought to life by our very own Joliet Jake Delhomme!  Consider me the surrogate mother that got paid with gently used fleshlights. Thank you very much for contributing to the site! If anyone

Craig David took her for a drink on Tuesday Open Thread

-pictured Ailsa Craig, Ayrshire, Scotland.   Another night, and another substitute teacher. You may run amok as I intend to play movies all day because I am one of those subs. This was the last bit of what TWBS and I wrote before his passing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twbs is currently at the Morrissey Pub on Granville

Marble League Rolldown: Events 10 & 11

It's a battle throughout the standings as we've crossed the midpoint. After this article, there will be 5 events left at Marble League 2020. Combine that with the return of Marbula E (Mercedes was running away after the first 3 races; sponsors Envision Virgin Racing were stuck in neutral) and