We had my union AGM via GoTo Meeting yesterday, and let me tell you - the Minneapolis riots were better organized. We started late, to make sure everyone got in; we constantly rewound, for people who got confused; and we repeated the same talking points about management. https://youtu.be/Ly5ZKjjxMNM Christ - what a

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Maximum Carnage!

Good morning everyone. Hope you're all staying safe and keeping others safe by doing your part with masks, distancing and being sanitary. I also really hope that this whole Sunday Gravy thing gives you at least a little something to look forward to in these bizarre times. Since there sure as fuck

Look, it's been a long week. I've got three teaching weeks left in the school term, and now the year-long skippers are coming out of the woodwork, with their parents, wanting to know why they aren't going to graduate on time. Of course, with the schools being remotely run, each

Request Line: Indecision

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY The PRODUCER is bustling around the office, humming merrily to himself.  DJ 3000 is in his usual place on the side of the room, the lights on his console blinking slowly but calmly.   DJ 3000: I HAVE TO SAY IT IS REASSURING TO SEE YOU BEHAVING MORE

Your “Do What We Mean, Not What We Say” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Well, today was Rules Committee day, and let's see what passed:  4th & 15 - PASSED TABLED! Not sure what the hell happened here, but apparently there was the belief that it would be the slippery slope towards eliminating kickoffs altogether. Like how electing Obama would make

DFO’s Ahmad Rashad Sits Down With The Coronavirus

The NFL is charging ahead with plans for the 2020 season despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. In a world exclusive, DFO has sent former Minnesota Viking, husband to Claire Huxtable, and noted lickspittle Ahmad Rashad to chat with the Coronavirus itself. Why is it here? What does it think about