Super Harbaugh Rivalry Bros: The Paraguayan War

John, I'm so bored. This corona stuff sucks. I feel you Jim. It's getting to the point of re-watching old games just to feel something. Anything, really. Remember Super Bowl XXIV, Johnny? Sure do, brother. Montana's finest game. Those Broncos, man. What a shitshow. Took a long time to recover from that. Just like Paraguay in

Your “The Devil You Know” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Shockingly, the owners approved the new playoff format. It's one extra wild-card game per conference. Using MATH, worked out that the move to 14 playoff teams means 43.7 percent of all NFL teams would qualify for the postseason, compared to 33.3 percent in MLB (33.3), 51.6 in

Wednesday Motivational – Die On Your Feet, Not On Your Knees

Someone close to me died recently.  Sadly, it was his choice.  And as best I can tell he made that choice because he didn't like himself.  Or thought other people didn't like him.  Either way, that sucks. He couldn't help it.  Intellectually I understand that.  Emotionally, I'm still pretty broken up. 

Your “Any Kennel In A Storm” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Blake Martinez has left the Packers for the Giants. A three-year, $30 million deal. The Packers made him an offer at a lower number, which insulted him. "I think the way they value the inside linebacker position especially in that defense, it wasn't as valued as other places

BC Dick Tuesday

Welcome friends and fellow gleeful shut-ins (A world where staying at home all week is not only acceptable but encouraged is something I've dreamed of all my adult life) to the second round of the Theoretical Women's World Curling Championships! Held this year in the filthy, stench-filled sewer lovely and totally normal

Your “It’s Not Collusion If They All Agree” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The league owners are having a conference call on Tuesday - in lieu of their cancelled Spring meetings - to debate & vote on the third wild-card game.   It's widely expected to pass, as it generates additional revenue for them. According to Albert Breer, the league has negotiated

The Mock Of The Red Draft

A plague had long devastated the country.  No pestilence had ever been so fatal, (except for pretty much all them that had come before), or so hideous, (although actually leprosy, bubonic plagues, and most hemorrhagic fevers were probably more hideous), or so subject to a 24/7 media addicted to ratings

Well, we've survived another weekend. Life & society has, for the most part, adapted to the changes brought about. One of the larger microbreweries in Vancouver - Parallel 49 - has started making hand sanitizer from their excess ethyl alcohol during their beer production.   Due to a shortage of plastic bottles,

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Some butter, flour and milk? We got this.

Good morning shut-ins! How is everybody holding up? I had a Monday off a couple of weeks ago right as this shit started and to be honest? After three days of staying in the house I was ready to flip my shit. I know that I'm extremely fortunate with my work situation. Not