CFL Beat: Your 2019 Season Wrap-Up

One last one for you before I go into hibernation in December. Just as well - this one is always the most time-consuming. It's been a pleasure to be your CFL Beat guy once again, and I look forward to these few weeks away. In league news this week: Montreal finally

CFL Beat: Playoffs – Grey Cup

We're almost at the end of the 2019 season - the Grey Cup beckons! As per usual, next week will be the final CFL Beat of the season before I take my December hiatus. I look forward to recapping this weekend's title game for you in seven days from now.

CFL Beat: Playoffs – Division Finals

Last week's games are living proof as to why people love playoff matchups so much; I have to admit that I got things extremely wrong in my predictions last week. And that's ok, because I didn't lose any money - and I also cannot be held responsible for any poor

CFL Beat: Playoffs – Division Semifinals

The playoffs are here! The regular season is over at last. For BC, Toronto, and especially Ottawa, this week couldn't have gotten here fast enough. We've already seen some turnover happen previously this season, but a few other key dominoes are falling now. In league news this week: Ottawa REDBLACKS

CFL Beat: Week 21

Happy Halloween, folks. Hope your children do well with trick-or-treating... and that you end up stuffing your gullet with all of their stolen candy. Remember, you brought them into this world... it's your God-given right to take their candy as desired, too. As the pumpkins and costumes fade away, we're

CFL Beat: Week 20

We're into the weird bit of the schedule, where half the games remaining are incredibly meaningless, while the other half are incredibly meaningful. This makes watching CFL football this time of year a real coin flip - sometimes the meaningless games are incredible, and sometimes the meaningful ones are absolute

CFL Beat: Week 19

Howdy, folks. Three weeks to go in the CFL regular season. The playoff spots are all locked up, but the question of the West Division champion still hangs in the balance. We've got a big game this week in Calgary between the Stamps and Bombers that will affect things for

CFL Beat: Week 18

We've got just four weeks left of the season; the playoff picture is now mostly set, but the final playoff spot - which is almost certain to be a crossover berth - remains up for grabs. BC, Edmonton and Ottawa all remain eligible for it, but the REDBLACKS will need

CFL Beat: Week 17

We've got four teams who have punched their ticket to the CFL playoffs thus far! The Alouettes appear to be an inevitability at this juncture, but they'll still need to win one more game in order to confirm this as a certainty. Considering that Montreal fans have been waiting since

CFL Beat: Week 16

Just came back from three days canoeing through Ontario's famous Algonquin Park with some of my Grade 10 students from school. A thunderstorm Monday night to contend with, but otherwise good times all around - although I could really use a shoulder massage after portaging all those canoes. No, not