Your “Working The Runway” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Those of you hoping for creamsicle should prepare for disappointment: The Bucs have debuted their new uniforms.   Instead of an origin throwback, they chose to return to before Warren Sapp had his issues with the bargaining price for a lady's attention. NFL rules mandate that uniforms can only

Your “They Don’t Come For The Innocent, As None Exist Here” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: DeSean Jackson is done for the year, opting to get core muscle surgery to solve whatever's ailing him. According to Doug Pederson, what had been a small abdominal tear has turned into the muscle tearing completely off the bone. Also done for the year? Cam Newton, who has

Your “Liars, Cheats, Addicts & Murderers” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This year's Hall of Fame candidates were announced. There are 108 names in total eligible for shortlisting & unfortunate interviewing by Peter King. First timers are led by Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Ronde Barber and Ray Lewis, who I know would kill to be included in the Hall.