Donks at the 2017 Bye – Home Sweet Home

After 4 weeks, it's really too early to draw any firm conclusions.  That said, perhaps the Donks are just a hair better than I expected, capable of lurking around and perhaps sneaking just over .500 and into the last playoff spot. As usual, the story is in the defense.  Whilst Tubby

NFL Speakeasy Stories: Project Manhigh

Green Russell, Larimer Square. 2:47 am, August 9th, 2016 Standing behind the back bar, two mixologists are silently bickering about the cell phone use of the patron seated in the corner booth. Though he has been a model customer, paying cash and tipping his waitress with every round -- each time promising that,

Offseason #Content: Brock or Mark

So let's get right to it. Brock Osweiler signed a 4-year, $72 million contract with the Houston Texans in March. Three days later, to fill the void in their quarterback depth chart (which included all of Trevor Siemian for a weekend), the Denver Broncos acquired Mark Sanchez from the Philadelphia Eagles for

Your “Holy Crap! For Real?!” Friday Open Thread

*deep breath* ... ... Peyton Manning retired............Brock Ostweiler signed with the Oilers Texans..........and somehow that became MARK SANCHEZ HAS SIGNED WITH THE BRONCOS! At least it wasn't Tebow. Opinions may vary. To the games! (all times eastern) NHL: (5 games total) Flyers @ Lightning - 7:30 Ducks @ Blues - 8:00 Blackhawks @ Stars - 8:30 NBA: (10 games total) Rockets @