All Apologies to Lewis Carroll: The DFO Indianapolis Colts 2019 Preview

THE ANDREWLUCKY ’Twas brillig, and the boring Colts        Did gyre and gimble in the 'Nap:  All drunkish were the cheering dolts,        Gravy'd sacks of fatty crap. ω “Protect the AndrewLuck, my son!        The fragile arm, the aching back!  Beware the Watt and Clowney pair,        And hand it off to Mack!” ω  He took his ovoid ball in

Your “Seventh Heaven – Game Seven!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

But not in the bad-touchy Dad-from-7th-Heaven kind of way. NFL News: The NFL has named Alberto Riveron the new Head of Officiating. Technically the senior vice president of officiating, he fills the role vacated by former officiating head Dean Blandino. Riveron, the NFL's first Hispanic referee, was elevated to referee in 2008. In

Fifty Shades of Gravy (Part 1)

The first thing I notice about Mr. Irsay's office is the smell; leather, stale human sweat, spilled beer. It reminds me so much of the fraternity houses in Palo Alto, places that my roommate Coby Fleener would venture into for an occasional “big night out” but I avoided as much I