Your “I Think Baseball Is A Gateway Drug” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: OOOHHH - BEEF! Pete Carroll had things to say about Richard Sherman & Michael Bennett having things to say on their way out of the Emerald City. The money quote from the interview is Carroll claiming "sometimes guys can't hang with what's expected." Oh, and about any malcontents? "And

Soldier Field Field Report

As as with most things in life, I'm tardy in bringing this to you. But last week I went to the Bears-Lions game with Lady BFC (not sure that name is gonna work for her), my sister, and a buddy from elementary school. No, not an eight year old, dude,


Hey. I'm Fronkenshteen. I found the old place when Deadspin linked to a KSK post. It may have been an NFL Dance Party gif spectacular, but I can't quite remember. I happened to be on KSK the day everyone posted their goodbyes and left, and quickly followed you guys over