Why do four-day work weeks always seem longer than that? I had Monday off for turkey & football, and yet the four days I was at work felt like a month. It's not like any of us are new at this COVID thing, so it's not the social isolation. Indeed -

Your Wednesday Evening Game 7 Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Likely solely brought in for the inevitable headlines when he was cut, the Bears have indeed cut Chris Blewitt from their kicker competition at camp, after only one day. During a photo-op, all three kickers they brought in to camp for trials - Blewitt, Eddy Pineiro, & Elliott Fry

Your “Hopefully, The One Time This Site Unites Behind A Jets Franchise” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Your day may have sucked, but it went nowhere near as badly as Matt Patricia's.  If I read the stories correctly: He was on Spring Break at South Padre Island in 1996. He & a fraternity brother apparently sexually assaulted a woman at a hotel. She initially complained to

Your “I Think Baseball Is A Gateway Drug” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: OOOHHH - BEEF! Pete Carroll had things to say about Richard Sherman & Michael Bennett having things to say on their way out of the Emerald City. The money quote from the interview is Carroll claiming "sometimes guys can't hang with what's expected." Oh, and about any malcontents? "And

Your “Seventh Heaven – Game Seven!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

But not in the bad-touchy Dad-from-7th-Heaven kind of way. NFL News: The NFL has named Alberto Riveron the new Head of Officiating. Technically the senior vice president of officiating, he fills the role vacated by former officiating head Dean Blandino. Riveron, the NFL's first Hispanic referee, was elevated to referee in 2008. In