Your “There Was Something I Forgot To Say” Saturday Evening Open Thread If you are receiving this, it means the blizzard has finally stopped & I can get out of the house. Doing more food deliveries tonight; last week was sadly uneventful, so I'm hoping for something interesting. Tonight's sports: Olympics: NBC | 8:00PM - Bobsled, Figure Skating Gala NBCSN 7:00PM - Curling (Women's Gold

Your “I Feel The Beat Tonight” Saturday Evening Open thread There's actually a very good chance I'm delivering Greek food tonight. I'll let you know if I serve the hookers again. Also, I saw Black Panther on Friday afternoon. I highly recommend it. A great stand-alone film. Everyone talks about it being an empowering film for African-Americans; what most reviews minimize

A “You Never Seen Such Scufflin'” Saturday Evening Open thread There's nothing to talk about. It's all Olympics or GAMBLOR! The men's snowslopes final is tonight. There are four Canadians among the 12 qualifiers. Also, there's three Norwegians.   WAR'S ON, BABY! Tonight's sports: Olympics: NBCSN: 7:00PM - Figure Skating: Olympic Ice, Snowboarding 9:45PM - Curling (Mixed Doubles): U.S. vs. Finland, Snowboarding 1:30AM - Curling