Celebrity Super Bowl Picks: Tomi Lahren

Many news organizations and pop culture websites report Super Bowl picks from today's hottest celebrities. Here at DoorFliesOpen, we decided to request picks from horrible people instead. Hatemongering attention whore Timmi Latrine answered the call and submitted this poorly-worded screed for our amusement. This is entirely unedited and in her

The NFL Dating Game!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNJurbIDEpU Voice over: "It's time to play...The NFL Dating Game! Now Let's welcome the host of our show...The Ghost of Jim Lange!" [audience applause] Ghost of Jim Lange: "Hi Everybody! Welcome back to our show! We've got a great contestant lined up today and three handsome available NFL bachelors just waiting for their chance to

There’s Something Rotten in Ashburn

Sometimes I wonder if selling your soul is worth it

Interior: Redskins Park. A dark shadowy figure lurks behind a desk, but not an ordinary desk. A dark, foreboding, and imposing desk that has been modified to be only 5/8 as large as a normal desk but with 175% of the arrogance.  A small but shadowy figure is perched behind