The Bachelor: NFL Edition

                  CHRIS HARRISON: Good evening, and welcome to a very special episode of The Bachelor. I'm your host, Chris Harrison, and thank you for tuning in to see if some lucky lads and ladies can find love. And our contestants are very lucky indeed, as they will be vying for the love,

Booth Review

/intercom buzzes SECRETARY: Mr. Berson?  Your 9am is here. DAVID: Ugh, Samantha, I asked you not to interrupt me. :fidgets: How long has he been waiting? 15 minutes? Make him wait 3 more and then send him in. /looks down under his desk And you are going to have to hurry up if you

Halted NFL Product Endorsements

With 69 days until the NFL season starts, it's time to get back to focusing on what's important in football: #brands Through extensive research, bribes and the occasional sexual favor (I said I was sorry, Horatio!) the team here at DFO have uncovered these products that were expected to be launched

Marcus Mariota Takes a Midnight Stroll

[Late at night, Marcus Mariota walks alone through a suburban park just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. He seems to constantly be looking over his shoulder, nervously.] Marcus: Come on... Where is he? [The bushes rustle loudly nearby. Marcus freezes.] ???: Quack quack quack! USC: University of Spoiled Children. Marcus: Quack quack! Stanford is

Somewhere outside of Jersey City…

Corn Maze Employee #1: I'm telling you, man, he was in there all night. Corn Maze Employee #2: Doing what, though? #1: Hell if I know. We closed up all the snack bars tight, and none of them looked disturbed. I don't think there was even a corn stalk out of place. #2: