It's Saturday night, so you know what that means?! Cartoons! Okay look - there's not a lot on these days. So I figured, why not go deep down some rabbit hole & find a historical artifact that, when viewed with today's eyes, seems wildly out of place, and the act of just

I find the results of the first three rounds quite confusing as a fan of the Packers & Seahawks. The Packers look like they have just initiated the Favre Protocol again; if Aaron has any sense of humour, he'll show up to camp wearing a #4 jersey. And at least they

The “You Say Today Is. . .Saturday?” Evening Open Thread

I missed the video party last night, but I'll take "Modern covers I'm unsure about" for $500, Alex. It's fine. It's not "drags me back to my childhood" good, but it'll do, donkey. As for the original - I'll cut anyone who disrespects it. A reminder - the original was written by Paul Williams, who

Your Saturday Evening “Broken Clocks” Open Thread

Twitter only did two things correct yesterday. The first was to let the readers of [DFO] know that love is both dead and alive. If this ugly, yet obviously well-hung troll can land her, then any of us have an equal shot now that she's wounded. The second was to let me know