And you know what that means, Welcome again to another Saturday night, where we celebrate JJ Watt getting what DeShaun Watson has so far been denied. Of course, we are still just barely into the offseason, so there is plenty of time for other events to occur before the new league year starts

I want to share with you two of the best stories I read this week, both of which appeal to my vile nature. The first is from Scotland. A father named Pete Robson, starting in 1992, set himself the task of buying his son a bottle of 18 year-old Macallan every

Well, it's the final weekend of the summer. As an "essential service", it's back into the actual classroom. You've no doubt heard stories in your own region about people freaking out about cohort groups, expanded bubbles and COVID clusters. We have them here too. And while most of my colleagues

It's just been a crappy start to the summer so far. Nothing terrible has happened to me so far, but the weather hasn't exactly been...summer. If there had been a baseball season, I would have lost 1/3 of the games so far to rainouts or cloudy & cold knocking down crowds. But

You know those situations that you confront on a daily basis? The ones that, upon reflection, had you made a different choice, would not be following you years, even decades later? Well, I made one of those terrible, unfortunate errors this week that I may not be able to go

I think today has marked the first "real" day back from the depth of the COVID-19 scare. Sure, there were a whole bunch of people in Tulsa ignoring black history in their quest to suckle at the teat of a sentient orange-hued McDonald's patty. And there were other problems in the world

I was bored thinking of something to type up for tonight's Open Thread, so I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole on Friday. When the sidebar gave me something I didn't know I needed to watch at that moment, Which then led to at least something Saturday night related, Because while looking up

It's Saturday night, so you know what that means?! Cartoons! Okay look - there's not a lot on these days. So I figured, why not go deep down some rabbit hole & find a historical artifact that, when viewed with today's eyes, seems wildly out of place, and the act of just