And you know what that means, Welcome again to another Saturday night, where we celebrate JJ Watt getting what DeShaun Watson has so far been denied. Of course, we are still just barely into the offseason, so there is plenty of time for other events to occur before the new league year starts

So with baseball season officially underway, and the Cardinals having already poisoned our screens, it's time for the annual argument about baseball songs. But, because "the national pastime", we have to start with the anthem: Now, there are many, many lists in this world that can chart things like this, but I

As is tradition, a version of this must be played to announce the official beginning of summer vacation. This year, I've chosen Switzerland's finest 80s metal band. Marc Storace gave Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon a real run for his money in the permed mullet department.   Which all begs the self-loathing

Look, it's been a long week. I've got three teaching weeks left in the school term, and now the year-long skippers are coming out of the woodwork, with their parents, wanting to know why they aren't going to graduate on time. Of course, with the schools being remotely run, each

The “You Say Today Is. . .Saturday?” Evening Open Thread

I missed the video party last night, but I'll take "Modern covers I'm unsure about" for $500, Alex. It's fine. It's not "drags me back to my childhood" good, but it'll do, donkey. As for the original - I'll cut anyone who disrespects it. A reminder - the original was written by Paul Williams, who

Your Saturday Evening Open Thread

Last Saturday, I introduced you to the venerable Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver's finest concert venue. In the comments, a question was asked - "Hey Beerguy, why you no mention any Canadian bands you saw there?" Well, the short answer is that I usually went to the Commodore for visiting acts. There