Sunday Gravy with yeah right and special guest Litre Cola! Exploring international haute cuisine! First stop. Jollibee.

Good morning everyone! Damn glad to see you! We've got something a little different for you today. We've got a special guest star. Our very own Litre Cola! We're also switching things up a bit and instead of cooking we'll be trying food that someone else prepared. I know, right? I'm pretty sure the

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Your new favorite breakfast item that you didn’t know existed and some tips and tricks.

Good morning and welcome back everyone. After coasting through a nice, cool, comfortable summer for a bit we are getting our asses hammered right now by a less-than-delightful combination of heat, humidity and fire season which in turn gives us incredibly shitty air quality. Awesome. Seriously it's hot as fuck out there and

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Cannelloni

Hey everyone! Welcome back. Y'all good and safe out there? /radio edit Welcome back to Sunday Gravy everyone! Got a real fun one for you today and man-o-Manischewitz is it delicious too. We are going back to my all-too-familiar well and we're going to take on another Italian American classic: cannelloni. Most of you are familiar