2019 Quotables – Week 10 (Results)

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It’s only week 10 and Brandon Rudolph makes his second Quotables banner image appearance. Now, I’m not telling any guy who is 5-5 and just lost to the #THEPAULS how to do his job but, you know, being associated with this [DFO] feature is generally what I would call a “career killer.” So if I’m learning anything from this Yovanovitch hearing today, Rudolph better watch out for an ESPN story where Jeremy Fowler smears him with fabricated talking points secretly delivered from Kevin Colbert.

One other thing — and I don’t normally call out the equivalent of a Quotables-level Conference Championship Game Participant — but credit to ArmedandHammered for some solid runner up submissions on a couple of these. Okay! With that, we’re on to your Week 10 Quotables results below. Submissions can be found here and we’ll see you on Tuesday for what may very well be an all PIT-CLE Quotables Week 11!

“The one time Chris Berman’s ‘whoop whoop whoop’ would have been appropriate, and I’m still glad he’s off the air.” -BrettFavresColonoscopy

“Figures that the Cowboys saved their best moves when facing away from the end zone.” -Horatio Cornblower

“I’m not sure this tribute to Al Davis’s last moments was appropriate.” -LemonJello

“’My God. What a disrespectful display to all those out there who suffer from substance abuse problems. Now a few words from our sponsor Bud Light, the official beer of the NFL.’ -J. Buck” -nomonkeyfun

“This Brian Hoyer, I call him Hank Hill because he’s getting a lot of unwanted attention from aggressive Dolphins.” -JerBear50

“Florida cops get a bad wrap but I think it’s cool that they let you strike a pose in Jameis’s weekly police lineup.” -Enrico Pallazzo

“Haven’t seen a Giant go down that easily since Flavor Flav offered Brigitte Nielsen some coke.” -SonOfSpam

“I’LL BE BACK” -Game Time Decision
I sat on a jury years ago, 2nd degree attempted murder case. One day the defendant wore sneakers with his suit to court. It was that day I knew he was guilty.
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Quotables giveth, and quotables taketh away


LemonJello and Spam, good God! Nicely done, gentlemen.


Jackson gif..

/Violent sobbing from JSD…..


I already converted this
comment image


Thanks – gonna make this into a Christmas card!


“This Brian Hoyer, I call him Hank Hill because he’s getting a lot of unwanted attention from aggressive Dolphins.” -JerBear50

A King of the Hill reference will always score points with me. Speaking of which…


Boomhauer-voiced Gym Jordan is still an asshole.