Your “Second Verse…” Friday Evening Open Thread

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…Same as the first.

Perhaps I’m getting old and predictable.  But with less than a month left in the NFL post-season we gotta get it in while we still can.

I had considered waxing philosophic tonight about that orange guy at 1600 who is about to get us into a major “conflict” to make up for his small hands and small pe….


Crap, does that mean I gotta start dodging the Secret Service now in addition to the NSA and the IRS?  Canada is looking better and better every day.

But I tried to warn all of you in the early fall of ’16.  Narcissism combined with no experience and no sense of diplomacy was always going to be a bad combination.  Just saying.

But it’s Friday.  We don’t want to talk about that tonight.  So let’s have some fun.

It’s Divisional Weekend.  And even though I more or less did the same theme last week for the Wildcard Weekend, we’re doing it again.  And you’ll just have to live with it.

(plus I just happen to enjoy looking at cheerleaders)

((well, usually))

(((do you think that’s Blair Walsh’s daughter?)))

Sports To Flip Over 2Nite


  • New Orleans @ New York – 7:00pmEST – TV: ESPN
  • LAL @ Dallas – 9:45pmEST – TV: ESPN
  • Golden State @ LAC – 10:30pmEST – TV: ESPN*

*GS @ LAC is listed as being on ESPN but it is not showing on my online guide.  And there is no way LAL @ Dallas will be over by that tip time.  Could be a regional split I suppose.  Check your listings.

Full Schedule


Holy shit, there’s a national game tonight.

  • Ottawa @ Detroit – 7:30pmEST – TV: NHLN

Full Schedule


  • (12)Maryland @ Iowa – 7:00pmEST – TV: FS1
  • N. Kentucky @ Ill.-Chi**** – 7:00pmEST – TV: ESPN2
  • Iona @ Rider – 7:00pmEST – TV: ESPNU
  • Buffalo @ Miami(OH) – 7:00pmEST – TV: CBSSN
  • (6)Butler @ Providence – 9:00pmEST – TV: FS1
  • Ball State @ Akron – 9:00pmEST – TV: CBSSN

Full Schedule

NCAA Hockey

  • Michigan @ Notre Dame – 7:00pmEST – TV: NBCSN
  • Ohio State @ Wisconsin – 9:00pmEST – TV: ESPNU

Divisional Girls


Minnesota @ San Francisco – Saturday 4:35pmEST – TV: NBC (SF -7/ML -315, o/u 44.5)


Tennessee @ Baltimore – Saturday 8:15pmEST – TV: CBS (BAL – 9.5/ML -445, o/u 47.5)


Houston @ Kansas City – Sunday 3:05pmEST – TV: CBS (KC -9.5/ML-445, o/u 51)


Seattle @ Green Bay – Sunday 6:40pmEST – TV: FOX (GB -4.5/ML-215, o/u 47)


And since Green Bay no longer has an official squad of cheerleaders, but sometimes do use high school squads (“underage” is the word that jumps out at me)…. well, I’m not about to go to jail for them, right?  Yeah, exactly.

So here….have these.

And Don’t Forget The Batalla de los Tigres On Monday

(3)Clemson vs (1) LSU – Monday 8:00pmEST – TV: ESPN (LSU -6/ML-230, o/u 69.5)


So Close

Have a great weekend everyone.

Stay safe and enjoy the games.  The proverbial desert of spring and summer will be here soon enough.

Love ya’s.

A Somber Last Minute Addition To This Post

I just learned only minutes ago that Neil Peart, the drummer and creative force behind Rush, the gentleman who inspired me to take to the drums in the first place…  Died on Tuesday from brain cancer.  And while I was never a very good drummer if I’m being honest, I still got enjoyment out of it.

I am sad.

Neil, you will be missed.

RIP, Sir.  I hope you didn’t suffer.

An unapologetic, even if often manic-depressive (it's a requirement given his choices of sports teams), fan of NC State University, the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. When not parked in front of the computer and/or TV, can often be found on the golf course shouting obscenities to no one in particular.
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Okay, time to stop drinking.

Until kickoff. See you magnificent bastards on the ‘morrow.

yeah right

Just one win while Bud Grant is still alive?


In honor of Neil Peart, here’s a beastly Grohl performance. Different style, but still badass.