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15721934-mmmainPlease add suggestions here and we’ll do our darndest to get them implemented.

You can also contact The Maestro for post suggestions at or PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept any sponsored content whatsoever. You are not special. Please do not bug him about this.

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92 thoughts on “Contact DFO

  1. Hey, so I sent a note to the email address but figured I’d post this here too, would love to get involved in contributing to the site:

    My friends and I do a weekly NFL podcast, the Free Ballin’ Football Podcast, that covers all things NFL. We do recaps, previews, fantasy football and betting advice, survivor pool advice and dish on all things NFL. We try to have fun and make it entertaining while also giving some analysis.

    We would love to contribute to the site and have our podcast featured as an entry each week. Is this something you’d be interested in? We’re already up on iTunes and Stitcher.

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me (probably), but it suddenly loading sssssllllllllllooooooowwwwwwww, and images are appearing as broken links. This just started maybe five minutes ago.

  3. I don’t know what’s happening, other than further proof WordPress wants me dead. My avatar is now gone, and after trying three separate times to replace it, still is just a broken image. No idea, other than the server just doesn’t want me around.

      1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….I see all of your avatars – could have just been an image issue. Try logging out and logging back in and see if it’s still borked.

  4. Love the new format, don’t miss that “other” place at all. I’d like to contribute to the site if possible, this is one of the few places that shares my unconventional sense of humor.
    Appreciate the consideration.

    1. Sure thing! I’ll add you to the Google group – introduce yourself and I’ll up your permissions. I’ll send you an email with how to post/use the calendar.

  5. Howdy.

    If one creates some #content, how does one get it out of the pending state so it can be scheduled for release?

    I completed something today and I don’t have the ability to publish it.

  6. Hey DFO can you make it so yahoo(!) sports stops having not one but TWO autoplaying (but at least muted) videos on their front page? Thanks and I’ll hang up to hear my answer on the air.

      1. It only made them angrier apparently; now they’ve moved the unmute button to ALMOST entirely cover the pause button, so if I try to save my poor cpu from rendering two videos in the background I’m more likely to give them a voice and hear something stupid from dan wetzel about the nba.

      1. I’m sorry man, I went to bed early and didn’t see this until today. What was the issue so I can help other people troubleshoot in the future?

  7. I’m thinking it might be nice to see more of the comments below while I’m writing a comment. Right now, the comment box seems kind of huge–can we resize it? Maybe down to about three or four lines visible or so? Right now it’s at 8 as far as I can tell. We could tighten the spacing on the Comments Refresh/+1 notification lines. And would it be possible to move the notification options up a little? Also, are those working still? I feel like they’re not working, so perhaps we could just nix them.

    Just my 2 cents. Which means my share is down to $11.98 at best now.

  8. Sometimes comments get posted as replies to the last comment I replied to, even after refreshing the page. Possible positive correlation with posting an image in my most recent comment. Purple monkey dishwasher.

  9. So I have til like 9 pm to hide. He called my mom to make me worry about doing anything else. Feel free to ignore this. If you do punch him the the face. I won’t compain

  10. Here’s a fucking suggestion string:
    -Stand up
    -Go to you refrigerator
    -Get your favorite beverage
    -Go back to your computer
    -Stand in front of monitor
    -Take non-mouse hand and raise it above your head

    Great job mate. Site looks great and runs great. Seriously; this is better than a shitload of “professionally” run full time paid sites including one in particular THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED.

    1. Thank you so much! It makes it worth it when I hear back from you guys, and you’ve always been one of my favorites commentists. You made my day, Moose.

  11. The calendar at the bottom left of the page has the title “Upcoming Dick Jokes” yet is actually a link to all past dick jokes. Maybe need a title change there.

  12. Love the new layout! Very nice and streamlined and shit (you can use that on your marketing pamphlets). The only thing that seems odd is the embiggining of the avatar of the first user to like a post. On mobile it is /begin Al Michaels voice/ YUUUUUGE /end Al Michaels voice/. Anyway, nice work, again, and thanks for owning this like a champ.

  13. Either my goddamn eyes are getting even older, or the color of the font on this site is too faint. Either way, I’m pretty sure an aneurysm is on its way.

    And thanks for all of the work you do – DFO for Life, yo

          1. I will challenge you when I have money to get whatever system you are on. Back to Civ5… no that is a bad choice, each move is at 40 min now. Porn? Maybe just hang around?

  14. Timestamps on comments seem to be off by an hour; they are an hour early for me. If this is a subtle attack on the entrenched fascism of daylight savings time, then I withdraw my comment.

      1. Crap, this has revealed that I’m somewhere in the eastern timezone. Time to disappear and create a new internet identity. I’m definitely NOT going to be blordinaryfagicmox2 . So dont even look for that name.

  15. Ok, here’s a couple of relatively minor things that don’t absolutely have to be fixed, but if you know how to fix them then that would be just grand. If fixing them requires going to any trouble, then just ignore me. It works for my SO.

    1) The site seems to log me out every few days in spite of the fact that I always click “remember me.” Any idea why? Do I need to clear my cookies or something?

    2) When I try to embed a Youtube video, it doesn’t work. I’m copying and pasting the “embed” text that Youtube gives me. Am I even allowed to post photos or video? I would assume so, but I thought it was worth asking. Here, I’ll post the embed text for this video, and you’ll see that it doesn’t show up.


    1. So, I thought that I had replied to this, but I may have hallucinated that. Anyhoo:

      1) It is indeed a cookies/cache problem with WordPress. I get the same thing occasionally.

      m) You’re not actually allowed to put YouTube videos in the comments, I didn’t add that in because it slows the comments down. Images load if the link ends with the file – ending in jpg, png or gif.

  16. One thing I noticed is that even though I’ll set images/stuff to be center justified, they end up left justified. And there is no option for Raylan’s Justified. That last part may be impossible to add.

    1. Kan i be a contributor? Due to my demanding 20 hr a week job i promise not to post much. And if I post something at least one other humanoid will have laughed at it.

  17. I would be incredibly honored if I could write the a Patriots preview. I know there was one at KSK already but I figured one from an actual pats fan might be nice to have….

  18. Any chance of a way for the kommenters to send PMs to each other? Sometimes I’m actually non-narcissistic enough to understand that I have stuff to say that the entire group probably isn’t interested in, but one or two people may be.

    Also, could I please have author status? My posts will be rare, but I have one in mind that I’d like to put up and invite kommenter discussion.

    Thank you so fucking much for everything that you’ve done here.

  19. DTZM,

    I don’t know much, really, anything about the technical aspects of webpages and the like. I know you kut down on the posts displayed on each page to try to speed the site up. It did dramatically (great job), but I’m thinking if you make a text only homepage, many of us would be happy to have that as our bookmark. If that is feasible, I would just have the article’s title, the author’s name, the date, and if possible with WP, the number of komments made.

    I think that there would be fewer klicks from the Kommentariat on articles we’ve already read. Plus, fewer graphics to load in general.

    Again, I’m just a goddamned monkey throwing shit against the walll.

    PS. Great job by you and all the admins and authors rescuing us from the collective that I dare not speak it’s name.

    1. That’s a good idea-I’ve been thinking about going to a different theme. There’s a couple of good ones that could help speed-wise. I think I’ll look seriously at it once I have comments locked down. That’s still not where I want it to be.

    1. It’s kind of a nice free for all, sort of like a tremendous experiment in democracy. You will probably be able to figure things out with how to post pretty intuitively. Feel free to try a post out. Kontent is kontent. It is a good idea to try to sort of limit our daily posts (in my opinion) to say less than 6 a day, and try to be polite to other posts that have come before you. You have been granted Author status and can post something if you would like! Worst comes to worst: we can try to excommunicate you like Uproxx banned half of KSK! And if it’s NSFW be a hero and shout that out in the title.

      Have fun!

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